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Fresh out of Education? Here’s what you can learn from running an NGO

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Most young people near the start of their career are not typically thought of as leaders in the workplace. Why? Because you inhabit a low spot in the office hierarchy and have lack experience and practical “hands on “skills, but with a plan (and right attitude) you can become a leader.

I was in Mexico two years ago, where I was offered the opportunity to chat with one of the founders of Global Dignity. He passionately told me about an organization that he co-founded. The organization was active in most of the world, except in Denmark (where I live).BUT I have never been employed in or managed an NGO before. Hence, I must admit that I hesitated when the co-founder offered me to become chairman of the board and be responsible for the organization in Denmark. No money available and no formal organization. Sounds like a scary plan. But it is not. Considerable things can be learned from the NGO world, and I would like to share some of the learnings in this blog.


Do you work in the tech / digital Industry?

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If so we need your help. As we all know, the tech and digital industry in the UK is growing exponentially and as a result the war for talent has intensified.

There isn’t however any comprehensive data on the industry norms in terms of salary levels – a vital piece of information which helps entrepreneurs and startups ensure they are able to benchmark themselves and stay competitive.


The Intern Insider- 5 Ace Interview Tips

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How I got a job in a startup that helps build other startups

It was the Easter holidays and my interview was so close… I had already done my research, read a lot of articles full of advices on how to succeed in an interview, created a list of my strengths and skills and came up with the questions I was going to ask. I was prepared, but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing. So I then started thinking about how to make my potential employer remember me.


The Future Test: Are You Ready?

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Look, not all of us have the luxury of a time-travelling Delorean, or indeed Christopher Lloyd’s hairdo. The future therefore remains uncharted territory. But as a wise man once said, “confidence is preparation, everything else is beyond your control” – so take a peek at the questions below to see whether you’re good and ready, and if you aren’t, what to do about it.


We’re in a golden age

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I’m sure everyone has heard someone refer to a previous period in time as: “the golden age of something”. These were the times people looked back on with rose tinted glasses as the “good old days”, a period where anything was possible, a period when cautious writers would swear it was all too good to be true. During these historic pockets of human ingenuity legacies were born which lasted for decades and radically transformed the landscape of progress. For example there was World exploration in 1492, manufacturing in the 19th century, Hollywood in the 20s, communism in the 50s, music on Saturday 16th August 1969, microprocessors in the 70s, stockbroking in the 80s and property ownership in 90s.