3 benefits of video screening candidates

A lot of time is wasted trying to schedule phone or skype interviews, followed by multiple face to face meetings before the hiring team decide on the most suitable candidate for a particular role.

But things are changing and video screening technology is now streamlining the hiring process; so here are our top 3 benefits of video screening and why you should implement it in your hiring process.

 Discover the person behind the CV

 It’s a fact, CV’s are one dimensional and often only give you a snapshot of an individual’s capability and skills. The wonderful thing about video is that it communicates what a CV cannot: energy, attitude, cultural fit and the nuances of individual personality that are the raw materials for creating high-performing teams.

 There is so much that is not captured in an online application and often the best candidates are the ones that come with buckets of enthusiasm and a positive attitude to work, the soft skills which are usually only uncovered in a video interview or face to face meeting.

Time efficient and easily integrated into your workflow

As they say, time is of the essence, and often the biggest headache when hiring is finding the right time to schedule, in between a busy work life, phone or skype interviews before deciding on whether to bring suitable candidates in for a face to face interview.

The beauty of the video screening technology is that it’s asynchronous, which gives hiring managers the freedom to send across their most important questions to the candidates, who in turn record their responses to the questions in their own time using their phone or laptop cameras by a given deadline, taking away the hassle of finding mutually convenient slots that work for both parties.

Our state of art screening software is mobile friendly, giving you the flexibility to review the video interview responses in your own time, between your lunch breaks or on your commute to work; whenever, wherever.  

 Transparency and collaborative decision making

 In face to face interviews, often you are forced to depend on your first impression and the meeting notes you gathered in the interviews to compare multiple candidates. Video screening simplifies this making it easier to compare candidates’ answers to the questions and general demeanor side by side, easily and fairly by ensuring everyone has a standardised and structured interview.

 You can also show the video screening interviews to your team and get their opinions on candidates making it a more collaborative decision; only inviting the strongest candidates for a face to face meeting, thus saving everyone time – yourself and the candidates.

 Finally, video screening is a great addition to the hiring process perfectly integrating into your workflow and is the best solution for time poor hiring managers that want to find the best talent quickly, efficiently and without the hassles of traditional methods of hiring.

Looking for incredible talent and want to try our state of the art video screening package? Drop us a line on [email protected] and one of our team members will get in touch to tell you more about how we can manage the process for you and help you find the brightest talent around!

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