How To Get A Better Job In 6 Easy Steps

Most people work an average of eight hours a day which amounts to 128 months of your life spent in an office [or otherwise] surrounded by people you didn’t consciously choose to meet. It sounds like quite a commitment and you can either love or despise every single minute of it. How do you make sure it’s not the latter?

Work for a GOOD company.

What makes a company good, you ask? What makes any organisation good: its people. Which means it’s up to you to take the necessary steps towards a better job. There’s a wide range of ways but here’s six of them:


1. Choose who you work with.

Working in a small firm means you actually get to meet everyone you will be spending most of your waking hours with. Even before deciding to take the job you can get an idea of the kind of team and work culture promoted. You know when you go for an interview, have a quick glimpse and your gut immediately tells you it’s the right job? The chances you get that in a startup are pretty high. It happened to us!

2. Choose what you work.

Small company means loads of work at all times. There is simply not enough staff to cover all the stuff that needs to get done. And yet, they always end up delivering an amazing product. How, you must wonder? This is what happens when you love what you do. And you love it because most of the times you can actually choose what to work on and thus put all your heart in it.

3. Choose how you work.

One of the most annoying things about having a job is the routine that comes with it. Most of the time, it’s a wake up/go to bed early kind of scene, with the long awaited one hour break in the middle of the day, usually sat down in your cubicle. With startups that rarely happens: people choose the schedule that works better for them, making them ever more productive and happy at work.

4. Challenge your work.

We all love living the good life: a safe job, a house and a car parked in the garage, eating out and the occasional trip to exotic beaches. However idyllic it may sound, it is not enough to make us happy.

People need challenges and new adventures that make their heart pump more blood than a fire hose to reach that much dreamt-of state of happiness. In a small company, stimulation is there for you on a daily basis, whether is a new client project or a team building game.

5. Do good with your work.

Besides saving up on resources that your small team in a small office doesn’t really need [yes, that includes switching the lights off], you can also be proud of contributing to the economical wellness of your surroundings. Latest research reveals that 85% of new UK jobs are created by small businesses so next time when you’re buying your coffee you might as well drop Starbucks and get it from the local café.

6. Do your own work.

Finally, after piling up all that happiness and experience under your belt, you can actually get started on doing your own. Most people who worked in a startup eventually started one. No reason not to: in spite of all the challenges of setting up a business the ride is truly enjoyable.


Author: Andreea Magdalina, Enternships Content & Community Manager 

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