Corporate Hilarity: The Best April Fools Jokes 2013

Here it is again, the one day of the year that finally celebrates lying on the internet. The online world has been fibbing gloriously all morning, and we’re proud to dive enthusiastically into its falsehoods. Look no further for all your untruthful needs, we’ve selected the best of the day for your delectation.

Youtube Closing Its ‘Competition’.


Opening its doors in 2005, Youtube are proud to announce that their competition to find the best video is finally closed. Next up, a decade of reviewing the footage and selecting a winner. Brilliant stuff.


Boden’s Marlyebone Man Skirt


“Trousers made sense when men rode horses, ploughed fields and trawled for fish.But now that so many of us are sat in front of a computer monitor all day the man skirt is a smart choice”. Is it wrong that it sounds sort of right?


The Google Treasure map


Kind of have to just see this one for yourself.




Twitter today announced that it would be launching a ‘two-tier system’, whereby use of consonants would be free, but that they would start charging for vowels. Their blog reads: “We’re doing this because we believe that by eliminating vowels, we’ll encourage a more efficient and “dense” form of communication. We also see an opportunity to diversify our revenue stream.” Hly crp.


Google Nose (beta)


We’re giving Google a lot of love today, but who can resist this? “What does a ghost smell like? Google knows.”


and to finish


Battersea Dogs Home Unveils Housework Hounds


After all, it would be April Fool’s Day without a stint from The Battersea Dogs Home, right? Announcing a new training programme for homeless dogs to make them more useful around the house, including cooking, cleaning and hoovering. Is it… is it a bad idea?





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