Bored of uni? Want to make some money? Burst the bubble and beat those blues…

Inspired by that blog about funding? Bored of uni? Think starting your own business is an impossible dream? Today we feature a blog from someone who really did take the plunge into starting a business- and did it a way you might not have thought of. Nathan Cruz Coulson tells us all…


(Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles. Or bursting bubbles.)

Two and a bit years into my Economics and Politics degree, I got the third year blues.

I had lost so much of the passion I had for my subjects. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, and I didn’t really know how I was going to do it.

I had almost forgotten how excited I was when I tried to start my first business, before I went to uni- I wanted that passion back. So I deferred. First for one year, then for two. It was the best decision I could have made.

Going to University was a great experience- I’d recommend it to anyone,- but it can be a bubble, insulating you from the real world. My advice to students? You don’t have to burst the bubble like I did.

(For one thing, too much paperwork!)

Instead, do something that takes you out of the University bubble: maybe a challenging internship, or take part in a community project outside of your student union, or even start a micro business you can handle part time.  But if it gets too much- if you find yourself unable to carry on with University- don’t drop out. Defer!

You’ll either come back to University with a renewed sense of purpose, or you will have found something even better.

Me, I’m doing a bit of both. I’m coming up to the end of my two year “break”, and in the intervening time, I worked as a door to door salesman (the best way to lose your inhibitions?), started an UnLtd backed social enterprise to train young people within a real business (a fashion brand), got a great internship at Wayra (a tech accelerator containing some of the most exciting startups in the country) and I’m on the cusp of starting my second social enterprise: the Tech Talent Academy.  And most importantly, I know what I want to do- and how to do it.

What could you do?

Burst the bubble- and see for yourself.

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by Nathan Cruz Coulson
A 23 year old semi graduate and social entrepreneur from East London.
Personal Twitter: @certainnathan

Business: @techtalentac 

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