Build Your Plane On The Way Down: Mum-frightening Advice From CEO Rajeeb Dey

Missed Rajeeb Dey’s talk at Campus Party? Our brilliant CEO, who started his first business at 17, told the story of the Accidental Entrepreneur- and from that, we’ve extrapolated the top five things you can learn. Most of them, admittedly, go against everything your mother ever told you….



5. Always Talk To Strangers

First off, whatever your mother may have told you, stranger danger can sometimes be a good thing. Talking to strangers- at events, or conferences, or even just at college- might just be the thing that gets your business off the ground. You never know who that stranger knows, or what that stranger’s up to- maybe she’ll find you funding, or maybe he’ll be your next business partner. (Disclaimer: we still don’t advise taking sweets from strangers, though. Or getting in someone’s car to look at their puppies. Your mum was right about some things.)

Mum-rating: Very Bad

4. Always Toot Your Own Horn

And when you’re talking to those strangers, talk about you. Not nice to blow your own trumpet? Nonsense. It’s necessary. Not too much, obviously, you don’t want to be utterly self-obsessed- but enough that they get a decent idea of you, your ideas, and what they can do for you. And, moreover, what you can do for them. Toot, toot!

Mum-rating: Quite Bad

3. It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

Don’t sit around waiting for funding; and don’t go into it because you want to be rich. Go into it because you want to change the world, and people wanting to change the world don’t wait for someone to give them permission- or cash. If you’re passionate, clear and enthusiastic, something will turn up.

Mum-rating: After the others, this is quite a nice break. Neutral.

2.  Don’t Ask, Won’t Get

My mum used to say “I want never gets,” which is why my mum isn’t an entrepreneur, and Rajeeb Dey is. It turns out that “I want” does get: whether what you want is advice, funding or something more esoteric, asking politely and clearly will get you everything you ever wanted. Yeah, MUM. Take THAT.

Mum-rating: Oh, dear.

1. Build Your Plane On The Way Down

Probably, your mum never said anything about this one, but it’s a pretty safe bet she’d be against it. Leaping off cliffs without a plan? That’s Mum Anathema, right there. However, Rajeeb Dey quotes this motto with abandon: that the good entrepreneur leaps off cliffs, and builds a plane on the way down. Your mum might disapprove, but by George it sounds exciting. You in? We’re in.

Mum-rating: Fetch the smelling salts.



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