Campus Party: A Thursday Guide

Campus Party may be on its penultimate day but fear not, there are still bags of talks, events and workshops going on to stimulate those little grey cells of yours. Whether you fancy trying your hand at robot-building or learning how to become an entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered for today.


5. The Future Of Learning Is Now: Are You Ready For The Technology Shift?

 When: 20:00 – 21:00

 Where: Hypatia Stage

Marvel in the wonders of modern science as e-learning specialist (yes, that’s a thing) José Somolinos takes us through the concept of adapting technology to our brains to improve the way we learn. Certainly sounds easier than memorising your times tables.


4. Our Place In Space

 When: 14:00 – 15:00

 Where: Galileo Stage

Join Aerospace & Robotics engineer Bee Thakore for a talk that will take you to planets near and far, go through the discoveries we’ve made there and explain why the world needs more of us to be citizen scientists.


3. Why Should You Start Young In The Entrepreneurship Industry?

 When: 17:00 – 18:00

 Where: Pythagoras Stage

If you’re looking to feel inadequate about your achievements then you’ll want to head along to this talk by the thirteen-year-old Jordan Casey, a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur from Ireland. Yes, you read that correctly. He is thirteen.


2. Make Your Own Robot!

When: 10:00– 12:00

Where: Workshop 1

Feel like building your own Wall-E? Then you’ll want to get yourself to Workshop 1 at 10am to be guided through the ins and outs of robot-building by Pablo Garcia, Jose Antonio Ale and Francisco Reinoso.


1. Future-proof Me: Working in Tech Startups

 When: 19:40 – 20:40

 Where: UKTI Seminar Room

In keeping with Campus Party’s Women In Tech Day, Enternships’ Will Bentinck is hosting a panel of four of the UK’s top female tech founders – Melissa Morris of Network Locum, Imogen Wethered of Qudini, Jennifer Arcuri of InnoTech and Melissa Weston of Eventstagram – to get some advice about working in tech startups, the London startup ecosystem and how to kick off your career. Nothing like a bit of girl power.

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