CEO Rajeeb Dey’s 10 Steps To Success- In 10 Adorable GIFs

Here are some things you should know about our CEO. He started his first business at 17. He has won a lot of awards. He is Rajeeb Dey, and he has a lot of Good Thoughts- so the lovely Start Up Generation called him over for a Twitter chat to pick his brains. But because Twitter chats pretty much vanish into the ether after a few days, and because our internet-addled attention spans can’t cope with whole articles (especially not on a Friday), we’ve bundled the best bits of that chat into this brilliant, ridiculous thing here.

(Literally an otter standing on the Enternships logo, courtesy @JM_Underwood.) 

1.“Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see”. If you want something done, it’s your responsibility to do it.”image

Be the change you wish to see. If you don’t want to be a mop any more, be a dog. This small fluffy dog is embodying everything good about entrepreneurship. Mop. Dog. Mop. Dog. It’s almost hypnotic, isn’t it? And he’s not waiting around for anyone to help him, either. No, he’s just bursting on out from that moppy tyranny and being the dog he wishes to be. We love you, small fluffy dog. We love your entrepreneurial spirit.

2. “Sometimes people get very precious about their ideas, and don’t share them- it’s better to talk to people for advice, and feedback. Seek help!”image

Did you know otters hold hands when they sleep? We did. Best thing ever. Anyway, you and people you ask for help should be like the otters- don’t be afraid to reach out, and ask for help. I bet Left Otter would ask Right Otter for help with her business plan, and I bet Right Otter would give her honest and appropriate feedback. Let’s all pledge today to be like the otters.

3. “The process isn’t a linear one- the key is to just start.”image

A road can be a pretty dangerous place for a duckling. Cars, big feet, toddlers on tricycles- and if we look in the background of the picture, a windy road. Corners are dangerous when you’re running that fast. But look! Look that she is not frightened by the non-linear nature of her path. Look that she just starts running! This duckling is like you, and like Raj- starting boldly off, wings flapping, webs hitting tarmac at the speed of light. You go, duckling.

4. “Avoid what I call “analysis paralysis”- getting bogged down in planning vs. doing!”


Look at that little corgi. Look at him go. Is he planning? Clearly a little bit- he’s got his little life-jacket on. Is he dithering on the edge? No, he is not. Look at him go. Look at him leap. In this analogy, the water is the seas of business, and Queen’s Award Winner Rajeeb Dey is/you are the corgi. Swim, little leaping corgi. Swim!

5. “When you love what you do, and are genuinely excited by it, then motivation’s no issue and setbacks become more an issue of perception.”


See? See how the red panda pounces on the pumpkin? See how excited she is? She loves that pumpkin, and she doesn’t need motivating to attack it with literally all her strength. And when it slips out of her grasp, she doesn’t stop, have a little snooze, give up. Oh no. She just LEAPS ON IT AGAIN. Oh yes, panda. What a good panda you are. You’re the panda. Work is the pumpkin.

6. “Know what you stand for and be clear about it.” image

This dachshund knows what he stands for. He stands for scrabbling. He stands for scrabbling, and big, adorable eyes. Could he be any clearer? No, he could not. He is so clear about what he stands for. And you love him for it. Don’t you? You do.

7. “Make yourself relevant and interesting.”*


You need to be relevant. You need to be interesting. Just a cat? The internet is full of them. Just a duckling? Internet is full of them. Duckling who thinks a cat’s his mum? Boom. Viral sensation. The cat is your first idea. The duckling is your second idea. Combine them. Cat duckling. Success.

8.  “Finding the right team is essential- I’m lucky at Enternships to have the most amazing, dynamic, and inspirational people.” image

See this? That baby pig couldn’t scratch his piggy itch without that other pig. That’s you and your team. Just some happy scratchy pigs in a field. Would that pig be so adorable and happy without the other pig? No, he would not. You need a team you can trust. You need a team who will scratch when you can’t.  And you need a team as amazing, dynamic, and inspirational as that pig. What a pig. That’s some pig.

9.“A true test of an entrepreneur is how they deal with failure.”*image

Well, dog, it’s not that we don’t appreciate your plight. We do, we really do. But you’re never going to make it as an entrepreneur with that mindset. Do you see World Economic Forum Young Global Leader Rajeeb Dey taking the blanket off his cage and hiding under it when things go wrong? No, you do not, dog. And that, dog, is why Rajeeb Dey is winning things for business, and you are still under your blanket. Not that you aren’t adorable, dog. Oh, dog, you are so adorable.

10. “We must constantly innovate.”*


So, you’ve been pouncing on the dog for weeks. The dog’s getting wise to your plans. The dog’s started going the long way round to the food bowls. You’ve got stale, mate. Your ideas are old. You’re old news….but wait! What’s this? Oh yes, you’re innovating! Again! You’ve found this box. You’ve climbed in. You’re in position. The dog’s watching out for you in your old place, behind the coats. He shimmies along, oblivious. That damn dog. How you hate him. You wait. You wait. And then…you pounce. Yes. Yes. YES. Innovation. It’s the key.

In this scenario you are the cat, obviously, and biting the dog is your project. Bite the dog, readers. Bite the dog. Bite the damn dog.

*Alright, alright, some of these aren’t from the Twitter chat. But Raj is nearly always very wise- and it seemed a shame to leave these brilliant insights out…

(compiled, written and awww-ed at by Ella Risbridger) 

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