christmas gift ideas for tech nerds

7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Tech Nerds

Are you wondering what to give a beloved nerd in your life this Yuletide? A musical tie is fabulous, of course, but perhaps a tad obvious. We’ve trawled the interweb in search of Christmas gift ideas for tech nerds that would have C-3P0 fizzing at the seams with joy.


Cunning tech disguise #1: eBook cover

You can have too much of a good thing. In this world of bleeps and bloops and black mirrors, sometimes we want to feel like humans again, and the reassuring tactile hush of a real book afforded by this classy cover for Kindle or Kobo will provide just that. Hello, non-tech tech! Sure, it doesn’t quite carry the vintage clout of lugging around a dusty copy of War And Peace on your morning commute – but dang, this baby looks good.

Where? HERE.


Rule-the-world tech: Raspberry Pi starter kit

For the person in your life who likes to make things, fix things, break things and shake things. The possibilities of the Raspberry Pi are literally limitless – for those with basic or advanced coding skills, it offers a very real, very addictive interface between the intangible (lines of code on a screen) and the tangible (such as making a light go on and off).

Where? HERE.


Wearable tech: health-monitoring wristband

“Wearable tech” is the new kid on the block in terms of phrases appended with “tech”, and while this phrase is basically as obnoxious as all the others, at least it does what it says on the tin. The Jawbone Up wristband is a splendid example; we’re not sure what it does, truth be told (ed: it tracks your movements, mood, sleep and eating habits and syncs with your smartphone), but it’ll look sassy as hell teamed up with a Christmas jumper.

Where? HERE.


Retro tech: Tamagotchi

Remember the boundless joy you gleaned from one of these, back in the day? Playing with it, nurturing it, and (let’s be honest) neglecting it to see whether or not you had a conscience? A Tamagotchi to a tech nerd is like an Edwardian chamber pot to Tim Wonnacott. The recipient will pretend to be all cool and meta about it, but you know they won’t put it down till all the needles have fallen off the Christmas tree.

Where? HERE. And there’s a colour for every style persuasion, so no excuses.


Cunning tech disguise #2: iPhone camera case

In these grim-slash-glorious days of The #Selfie, a phone is a camera as much as it is anything else. Up the stakes – and jostle your way to the front of the toilet mirror queue with pride – with this gorgeous and frighteningly realistic iPhone case.

Where? HERE.


Die-hard wearable tech: Google Glass

Got a spare grand-and-a-half knocking around in your back pocket? To show the special tech nerd in your life that you REALLY care, we present to you the pinnacle of presents: Google Glass. Google recently loosened their grip on the circulation of these babies to allow current owners to sell theirs on. We’ve seen people out in actual public wearing them, and frankly, why in the Multiverse anyone would want to kiss goodbye to a look that sharp is beyond us. But their loss could be your beloved’s gain.

Where? HERE.


Tech for life, not just for Christmas: musical piano tie

We were only kidding when we said this is too obvious. Everyone loves a musical tie. We found one that has eight touch-sensitive piano keys and a plastic speaker instead of a pesky knot-to-be! It simply screams style, of course – but first and foremost, a musical tie lets the world know “I’m tech-y and I know it”.

Where? HERE.


BONUS TIP for Christmas 2014: Phonebloks

Remember how you always swear you won’t leave your Christmas list till the last minute? This, THIS is your chance to get well and truly ahead of the game. Phonebloks is a modular smartphone, conceived by tech visionaries and backed with the oomph of Motorola, that puts the “ACE” in “WATCH THIS SPACE”. It centres around the laudable premise of remanufacturing and a circular economy: you build it and customise it depending on what you want from your phone (better camera? more file storage? more battery life?) and you can upgrade and replace bits of it at whim.

Where? HERE. But not yet (you can thank us in a year’s time).


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