Davos 2013: Diary of a Young Global Leader #2

Not only has Enternships CEO Rajeeb Dey unleashed his new concept designed to shake up the world of recruitment upon the world, he’s also STILL found time to write us his exclusive Davos diary. Want an insight into the goings on of this year’s World Economic Forum? Read on.



“It’s not about bouncing back, but bouncing forward” – this quote from a fellow Young Global Leader really summed up the first day at The World Economic Forum 2013. The overarching theme of this year’s event is “resilient dynamism”; the fact that there will always be challenges to be faced, and that what matters is how we pick ourselves up after we fall. It’s a topic that seems to resonate with everyone here.

The wonderfully inspiring Professor Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, explained to us young entrepreneurs that it is vital we “move from managing a crisis to being more resilient against those risks”. Resilience will come from greater (sustainable) economic growth, and today’s event was an opportunity to consider how we as upcoming global influencers can become “engines for growth”. Being among the other Young Global Leaders has been utterly inspiring; the spectrum of talent and skills here seems boundless – from business to media, from art to academia to politics.


From my perspective – one of being fascinated by getting young people immersed in the wonderful world of work through amazing opportunities – one discussion stood out particularly. George Hu (COO of Salesforce.com) started at his company as an intern after leaving graduate school in Stanford, and now stands as the second in command for the company; a business worth billions of dollars. We featured his story when it was first released, and is a perfect example of the sort of impact a truly entrepreneurial and indispensable intern can make.
Not only was it simply a wonderful story to hear, but it was a real affirmation of the value we’re trying to achieve at Enternships. Providing ways for businesses to spot and grow brilliant emerging talent no matter what – resilient dynamism indeed!
This afternoon brought the formal YGL programme to a close and marked the official start to the Davos Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for my next entry, which will feature news from a session on “talent mobility”, as well as details of the infamous Davos “nightcaps” – I’ll say no more for now…
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