An Entrepreneurial Advent Calendar- With GIFs!

Love Christmas? Love entrepreneuring? Love adorable cats doing stupid things? Love getting on in the world? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. You’ve come to the right place.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and round the Enternships way, jolly means GIFs. Lots and lots of GIFs. One, in fact, for each day until Christmas, bringing you good tidings of great joy, some sparkling wit and wisdom, and also animals behaving badly. Maybe some cartoons too. We’ll see.

12th December: Enjoy It While It Lasts

It’s the twelfth of December, and we are precisely half way through Advent. Scary? Yes, very, but for now sit back, relax, enjoy your pizza, your wine (wine? Not wine, probably.) and your limo ride. Tomorrow you can deal with burglars, thugs and chaos. For now, you deserve a minute. There you go. Merry Christmas. Merry mid-Advent.

11th December: Start Trying To Make Fetch Happen

It’s Christmassy because she’s got a Christmas hat on. Shut up. It is. Anyway, here is Gretchen, trying to make fetch happen, and whatever Regina George might say, sometimes you need to make fetch happen. You. You personally, Gretchen. You need to make fetch happen, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

10th December: Don’t Count Your Chickens

Do we all recall the boy in the Polar Express? The one who is bitterly disappointed to get the MAGIC BELL OF SANTA CLAUS? Yes. Yes we do. Don’t let that be you. Sometimes the things that are ostensibly less marvellous are actually the very best you could hope for. Like socks, for example. Sure, you’re disappointed with the socks- but it’s them keeping your feet snug when we finally get that bitter winter the Express has been promising.


9th December: Hugh Grant Is Dancing

It’s Monday. Sometimes you don’t need a moral. Sometimes you just need Hugh Grant, dancing.

(If you really, really wanted a moral, I suppose we could dig pretty deep and find something along the lines of: don’t forget to have fun. You may be Prime Minister, but dancing to Girls Aloud is still definitely a-ok. It’s Christmas, after all, and Christmas, as we all know, means Girls Aloud.)

8th December: To Everything Its Season…






Here’s an important lesson for you: everything has its season, and everything has its time. Sometimes, business will be booming. Sometimes, business will not be booming. Sometimes snowmen will reign supreme. Sometimes snowmen will melt. And sad as it is, you’ll always have the chance to build them back up again. Look how soothing that GIF is. Melting…growing…melting…growing. How marvellous.

GIF by the very talented Tim Lahan

7th December: Don’t Get Fixated On Red Tape. Tinsel. Whatever.

Like this adorable puppy, it can be far too easy to get bogged down in red tape. Tinsel. Whatever. It can be disheartening, and distracting. You start to focus on the tape (tinsel), rather than the excellent and adorable idea-puppy at the heart of it. But look! Look how adorable he is! Look how great your idea is! You’ll cut through that tape eventually. You will. And you’ll rescue that fluffy little puppy. Business. Whatever.

6th December: Take Pride In Your Achievements


Do you know what? Sometimes, the world isn’t going to recognise your achievements straight away, You’re going to say “I’m the lobster!” and they’re going to say “The lobster?” and look at you funny, and you’re just going to hold your adorable freckled face up high and say YES, FIRST LOBSTER. The way to succeed in business, we hear, is to channel Emma Thompson’s kid from Love Actually. Yep.

5th December: Sometimes Things Just Need A Little Tweaking

Lights! Camera! Chipmunk!

Sometimes, things just need a little tweaking. In this analogy, you are the chipmunk, and that one little thing going wrong is the lightbulb. Jump in there, balance your way along the branch, and fix that bulb with your own two paws. Hands. Whatever, chipmunk. Whatever.

4th December: Always Apologise, Always Explain

For day 4 of our Entrepreneurial Advent Calendar, we’re choosing to contradict the great Disraeli, and give you this handy hint: always say you’re sorry. Tell people what’s up; tell people’s what’s wrong; tell people what’s going down. This cat, for instance, has an awful lot of explaining to do. Say you’re sorry, cat! Your team will respect you so much more for it, cat. So much they might not even make you sleep outside.

3rd December: Think Outside The Box. Tree. Treebox.

So you have no tree, but you do have a child. The normal reaction would be sorrow. The entrepreneurial reaction would be…well, this. A few bits of tinsel, a shiny star, some lights, everyone’s a winner. Except, possibly, the treekid. Should have been more entrepreneurial, shouldn’t he? Yes. He should.

2nd December: Sometimes You Just Have To Pick Yourself Up And Get On With It

Look. Things aren’t always going to go your way. Some days, you’re going to go head over heels, like Bambi on ice. But like Bambi, you’re going to get right back up again. Maybe you’ll have some help from a friendly rabbit. Maybe not. Either way, look at those adorable little spindly legs. Bambi! Business!

1st December: Even Santa Has To Try









Even Santa has to try when it comes to being awesome. Yes. It’s a brand new month, and a brand new day, and even Father Christmas knows that being brilliant doesn’t just come naturally. No- Father Christmas knows that to be able to lift heavy sacks of presents, control a team of frisky reindeer, and generally get his job done, he needs to keep in shape. In this business analogy, you’re Santa, your ideas/hopes/dreams are the sacks of presents, and your team are, er, the reindeer. Come on, Santa. You can do it.

GIF by the marvellous Ed Berry

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