Enternships CEO Rajeeb Dey awarded Marketing Academy Scholarship

We’re delighted to announce that our very own Rajeeb Dey has been selected as one of this year’s Marketing Academy Scholars. A great recognition of young entrepreneurs; it hopefully will mean ever more promotion of the kind of impact graduates and emerging startups can make. 


Now in its fourth year, The Marketing Academy’s ‘Hall Of Legends’ scheme selects 30 outstanding scholars for a year of intense training, mentoring and ideas-blasting. Partnered with some of the most amazing experts in the fields of marketing, communications and business, the scheme boosts the talents of their chosen 30, giving them invaluable tools and skills to go forth and change the world of marketing and business within their areas of industry.

Announced last night at a gala dinner hosted by the Emirates Stadium, amongst this year’s scholars are Alastair Johns, brand manager at Fox’s Biscuits, Liz Le Breton, global marketing manager for womenswear at ASOS, Ry Morgan, CEO of Pleasecycle, and of course, our own Rajeeb Dey. This amazing spread of talent means ever more opportunities to push entrepreneurship for students, graduates and startups, with increased access to the very latest in communications and promotion.

According to the Marketing Academy team:

“The Marketing Academy draws together a team of high profile industry movers and shakers to inspire, develop and coach the emerging talent who will go on to shape the future of marketing and business. We award a maximum of 30 free Scholarships each year to the fastest rising stars so they become the next generation of business leaders through a process of world class mentoring, coaching networking and personalised learning.”

For those in the industry of developing new strategies for getting students and grads access to amazing careers, it’s an exciting chance to explore innovative ways of reaching out to startups, universities, students, entrepreneurs and ideas-mongers around the world. Rajeeb had this to say about his acceptance onto the scheme:

“In this turbulent time, with youth unemployment at an all-time high, the work we in do the graduate recruitment area has never been more important. Marketing is an absolutely vital part of getting opportunities to young people across the UK, and working with the kind of experts the Marketing Academy will provide in this is an incredible prospect”

New mentors for this year’s scheme include Barclays marketing and customer director for retail and business Andy Brent, Paddy Power global marketing director Christian Woolfended, Dyson marketing director Clare Dunbar and many more.

We’d like to congratulate everyone selected for this year’s Marketing Academy Hall Of Legends scheme, and here’s to ever more growth in the graduate recruitment sector.

Natasha Hodgson

Enternships Community Manager

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