Learn Ruby on Rails with a General Assembly scholarship just for Enternships.com

What do Twitter, Hulu, Airbnb and Guitar Hero all have in common? They were all built using Ruby on Rails.

To equip you with the skills necessary to interact and build new technologies, the new London campus of General Assembly are providing an 8-week course that will teach you everything you need to confidently ride the Ruby Rails.

GA’s Ruby on Rails Course will arm you with the vocabulary and technical know-how so that you can design, create, debug, and maintain functional and well-architected web apps. To celebrate in back-to-school spirit, GA are offering a £1,250 scholarship exclusively for members of Enternships.com.

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Remember being a child and learning to write a whole sentence? Or that first trip abroad when you said “hello” to someone in a different language… and they understood? It felt like a whole new world had opened up to you. This is how it feels to speak the language of the Internet.

General Assembly’s eight-week course will teach beginners how to code using the popular Ruby language and Rails web app framework. It’s rigorous, but you’ll leave with a whole new skill set.

GA hope to see you on campus soon! To stay up to date with their upcoming classes and networking events, be sure to sign up for their weekly mailing list today.

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