Enternships in Ireland: we team up with Dubstarts to get opportunities to the emerald isle

With the number of unemployed youth in Ireland rising by the month, we’re proud to announce we’ll be launching there on the 23rd April, with the hope of creating hundreds of opportunities for Ireland’s talented youth.


30% of Ireland’s under 25s are currently unemployed, and yet the Dublin startup scene has never been more vibrant. Along with Dubstarts, the fantastic Ireland jobs fair, we hope to connect the flourishing tech potential with Ireland’s graduate talent, creating amazing opportunities for talented young entrepreneurs across the country. We’ll be launching brand new roles for Ireland, creating hundreds of new internship and job opportunities for the growing unemployed youth.


Rajeeb Dey – CEO of Enternships – said:

“There’s never been a better time to bring together the fantastic potential of the Dublin startup scene with the amazing graduates across Ireland. At Enternships we believe that the future of youth employment lies with our innovative startups, and we’re very proud to spearhead this campaign in Ireland.

Over the past couple of years Dublin has established itself as one of the most exciting places to set up entrepreneurial ventures – you only have to look at the companies it now houses: Google, Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name but a few – to see that it’s the perfect place to get young entrepreneurial graduates into work. We think that our partnership with startup experts Dubstarts will spark a lot of new opportunities, and provide the perfect way for emerging young companies to find the talent they need.”

We’ll be pairing with Dubstarts – an innovative job fair that connects talented young people hoping to break into the tech scene with some of the most exciting startups in Ireland – with plans to help provide many more opportunities in the next year.

Dubstarts CEO Vincent Lyons said:

“At Dubstarts, we’re delighted to have been able to help some of Ireland’s most exciting startups and talented graduates find each other. Seeing conversations which begin at our jobs fairs over a beer and some live music develop into solid relationships and sharing of mutual dreams is what matters to us.

Enternships is a perfect partner for Dubstarts, due to our common goal of creating incredible opportunities for people to come together to create something special.”

The event will take place on the 23rd April. For more information see the official Dubstarts site, and visit Enternships.com

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