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After doing what we all do – scrambling through the wilderness of sudden and unwanted graduation – Chloe Cooper found herself on the Enternships website searching for the perfect opportunity. Fast forward, and she’s now employed at the company she interned with, and looking for an intern herself! Heartwarming story time? Well, it is practically Christmas…

It’s difficult being a graduate in the recession. But no matter what, don’t get disheartened! My advice – you just need to distinguish yourself from the others. Ambition, determination and passion stands out a mile off!

As with all good stories, this one doesn’t start happily – I hadn’t long graduated when I got made redundant from my first graduate job. Completely rubbish at the time, but it really gave me a kick up the back side to get my career going in the right direction, rather than one I had just fallen into.

During my first job, I had been managing a local rock band for a bit of fun and this made me realise that, actually, what I really wanted to do was pursue a career in Music Management and Promotion. But how? I had done local gig promotion and taken on volunteer roles such as working for my local music forum and promoting Oxjam in Bournemouth, but I knew it wasn’t enough. My CV needed a boost.

I decided an internship would be the best move; but having heard various horror stories from fellow graduates I wanted to ensure I chose a paid internship that had the potential for a permanent job at the end of it. After sifting through jobs every day on the standard sites, trying to find an opportunity that had potential, I was starting to get restless. Then, my mother introduced me to Enternships.com (she knew Rajeeb Dey – CEO of Enternships.com through a project she was working on; The Big Pitch) My first look through Enternships.com.com was such a massive relief- finally, a site full of jobs I was genuinely interested in and included ‘paid internships’ – PAID INTERSHIPS!! Most internships that I had found up to that point were expenses only, which is unfeasible for someone that lives on the south coast and cannot afford to live in London without a decent wage!

To cut a long story short I got an internship for a company called Music Balloon that later evolved into Balloon Media which it is today. I was hired on a full-time basis after my internship ended, having proved my worth to the great people I was working with. And as the company is growing, so is our team; I’m very excited be recruiting for an intern position and advertising through Enternships.com, it’s like going full circle!

As well as blogging my experiences, I wanted to end on some genuinely helpful tips for graduates looking for their big break. After reading many a job application and seeing some many fatal mistakes, I’m pleased to present you with my top five tips for writing your Enternships.com applications. Here it goes, and good luck!

1. Make sure it’s a company you’re passionate about

Do you really want to work for this company, not maybe, but really want to be part of that team/business? If you are unsure, don’t apply, as your uncertainty will come through in your application! Enternship.com employers are looking for interns that will have the potential to be permanent members of staff. They will put a lot of time and effort into training you up, so only apply if you can see yourself working for a company long term, don’t be a time waster!

2. Be a perfectionist

Read your application over at least 3 times before you send it! This is your potential employers first impression of you, if your spelling or grammar is poor and you have listed in your skills that your attention to detail is precise – that could be a bit embarrassing, right?

3. Ensure you’ve done everything asked of you

If the job advertisement says send a covering letter, a CV and answer a filter question – do all three! These are simple requirements for the job application, if you don’t send all, the employer will not chase you. You will most probably be put on the NO pile!

4. Enlist some help

 Get someone close to read your application through for you and give advice on how you could present yourself better. Fresh eyes are always helpful.

5. Get specific

   Don’t send your generic covering letter and CV that you send to every company! Write your covering letter as a response to the job description, this is your opportunity to tell your potential employer why you are perfect for the job. Explain why. Give them detail!

I really hope this helps. It’s really tough being a graduate in hard financial times, but hope is out there! It took me three years to find the right job after University and I really believe I needed every bit of that time to find out what I needed to do to better myself.

And now I go to gigs as part of my job – how cool is that?

Want to intern for Balloon Media? Check out our opportunities here

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