how to get a marketing internship with no experience

How to get a marketing internship with no experience

Not to toot our own horn, or anything, but having been in this business a few years, we reckon we know quite a bit about how to get a marketing internship with no experience. Time and time again, companies reach out for the same sorts of skills and similar sorts of experience for fledgling markeeters. So it’s only fair that we share the facts with you.

How to get a marketing internship with no experience – our guide

If you want to get ahead in marketing, there are definitely a few things you can do to make your potential employer sit up and take notice of you, regardless of how much technical experience you’ve had to date. Follow our recommendations, and you’ll soon have those pesky marketing devils eating out of your hand…


Get familiar with Social Media Tools


With marketing, sales, content and social all increasingly getting wrapped up together, employers want people who have some idea of the tools in the space, and how to use them. The nice thing is, to get started won’t cost you a penny.

Using your own Twitter account (you’ve got a Twitter account, right? If not, we may need to go back a few stages), experiment and get savvy with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck and Twitter Counter. Start getting a handle on how to schedule content, how to analyse your own social media performance, and see if you can apply what you learn to boost your own following. Everything you learn will look great on your CV


Get blogging


Again, this won’t cost you a thing, and will do wonders for your marketing employability.  Why? Many, many reasons.

Starting a personal blog amounts to creating an online portfolio for your digital skills. It shows off your writing prowess (which is worth its weight in gold), it demonstrates a ready online curiosity as well as a self-starter attitude.

And don’t just lump for the first blogging platform that Google spits out, have a play with a few different ones – Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress – the more sites that you feel confident about using, the more attractive you are to any marketing department.

One word of warning – really think hard about what kind of content you want to blog about. Drunken nights out or confessional journals are a no no. But the best blogs are filled with passion, humour and helpful information, so make sure you focus on something you have a genuine love for, and interest in. Blogs with just a couple of entries in, last updated 2005, aren’t going to get you anywhere.


Get to grips with  email marketing


Again, free to do. Sign up a few reluctant (but probably blood-related) people you know to your very own mailing list, in the name of experimentation. We recommend starting with Mailchimp, as the system is pretty intuitive and it’s free for anyone with fewer than 2,000 subscribers.

Email marketing is still a massive part of many online marketing campaigns, so learning the fundamentals of template creation, subject line research, open rates and constant improvement will put you far ahead of those waiting to learn it all on the job.


Clean up your online profile


Marketeers are savvy. They’re going to Google the heck out of you. Really think about the impression you’re giving out over any social networks, particularly Twitter – if you can, ensure your bio reflects your career passions and underline this passion in the stuff you’re tweeting.

They’ll find you on Facebook too – we’re not saying you shouldn’t upload the photos of ‘that’ night, just make sure your privacy settings are locked in tight.

Your LinkedIn profile should be bang up to date too, increasingly employers are using the site to scout out fresh talent, and you don’t want to get left behind.

and finally

Build your analysis skills

Because sadly, marketing isn’t just about sticking pretty words together and covering them in tinsel. Successful marketing comes down to cold, hard analysis, and the sooner you’re au fait with that practise, the better.

You know that blog you started? It’s time to install Google Analytics (again, it’s free) and start really looking at where and how people find the stuff you write.

Learn some good SEO practice, learn what percentage comes to you from social media, from other sources, and experiment with the form, content and style of your postings. Grow your audience. Or, at least, try to. Regardless of how successful you are, becoming confident with Analytics will be a big plus for any employer.

We hope we’ve given you some insight into how to get a marketing internship with no experience. No go forth, create! Improve! Impress!

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  1. As a student, I am really appreciative of these tips as they are very practical and insightful. It shows how you can create opportunities for yourself regardless of what is available to you at a given time. I will definitely be following these tips 😀


    1. Thank you kindly – we’re happy to help! Wishing you the best of luck with breaking into marketing. Remember to need to think creatively about skills you already have 🙂

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