Lady Geeks- We Need You

This is an open invitation, and a CALL TO ARMS.

Ladies who code, ladies in tech, ladies who do clever and interesting and geeky things- we need you. The world needs you, and, like Kitchener (only more ladylike), we need YOU.



We want to talk to you about the things you love.

We want to talk to you about coding, and why you do it, and how you started doing it. We want to hear about where you find out about excellent projects and things that excite you. We want to hear about the things you’re building, and the things you’re making.

We want to get girls into our developer rôles (look! here and here and here! so many!), and we want to talk to you on here, and we want to promote brilliant techie women in general.

We want to know what we can do that would be useful and helpful to you.

We want to do our best to help shift the balance.

Want to help?

We want to know

1. What stuff you love, and why you love it

2. Where you find out about excellent tech things

3. Where you share your own stuff

Get in touch @enternships – or if you’re feeling more talkative, email us (me!) at [email protected]

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