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We love tales of success, and we love sharing them with you. Especially when they’re chock-full of reasons why Enternships is so bloomin’ great. Like so many of us, recent grad Agnes Czako felt lost in a sea of faceless job applications. But one great Enternship later, and she’s fully employed in a job she loves. Read on, and set your tear-ducts to misty… 



My job-searching story in London started like that of most young foreigners: being a recent grad with 1-2 years work experience, but completely NEW in this country.  Certainly, it didn’t feel like an easy mission to find the right job; where to apply? How? Do I just send my CV, or do I send a covering letter too? But when a cover letter is needed, should I prepare it tailor-made to every single position? The latter seems extremely time-consuming, especially when you are working in the meantime (I was waitressing the whole time whilst job-searching: 5-6 days/week, the only time for focusing on the ‘big thing’ are evenings…) Sometimes I felt it was completely hopeless.

Most of the big career portals offer thousands of suitable, appropriate jobs, where I felt I could possibly fit in – the number of my job-applications were huge, literally a three-digit number within a few weeks. I tried to prepare tailor-made cover letters, but obviously with this number it was pretty impossible. Among these 100+ applications, how many of them invited me for an interview? I can count on one hand. Not because I was a weak candidate but because of the mass nature of these portals. I dare not to think about how many applicants they can have. Days and weeks passed, without any real ray of hope.

Then, one day an old friend of mine recommended Enternships. My optimism was still intact, just, so I registered and instantly found myself in a really familiar atmosphere. Mostly start-ups (which was my aim); and some of them were in sustainability sector (exactly what I wanted). I filtered on ‘paid jobs’ – obviously couldn’t afford any volunteering job (wish I could!).  After a couple of weeks of applying I was being called to interviews for jobs I really wanted – what a relief!

I realised the real difference between Enternships and the huge portals I tried before is: QUALITY instead of QUANTITY. As a candidate, you feel like you’re talking to individuals rather than faceless corporations, and that you’re a person rather than a mass-product. There’s no nonsense, and no games: just answer the questions they ask. No circumlocution or cliché answers – but being myself; straightforward and honest.

After 3 weeks of active searching on the site I found the job that I was just cut out for: a role at the Sustainable Home Survey Company. It has been now a year since I joined them, and I am working on large-scale pilot projects that enable thousands of households to reduce their carbon footprints all over the UK. I have immersed myself in energy efficiency and feeling exceptionally lucky to have a chance to work closely with highly experienced low carbon experts… Who knows, one day I might have a chance to apply these ideas in my country… 🙂

And now, in a ironic twist of fate, I’m recruiting part-time students from London’s best universities to fill the same position that I had a year ago! Sitting at the other side of the desk is fascinating: facing shiny eyes, exchanging ideas with young, bright, creative minds, untouched by the misery of life, full of enthusiasm and valuable thoughts. Their level of passion and innovation is exactly what small businesses need, and I am proud to be a part of it.


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Domestic Energy Associate

SHS – Sustainable Home Survey Company

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