The Monday Run Down- 19/08

How are you? It’s Monday afternoon; we don’t want to overburden you with too much text. So, welcome to The Monday Run Down, in which we bring you some nice things, some useful things and some rather lovely jobs. Just in case you haven’t got one. Or you’re bored of the one you’ve got.

Here’s a cat to look at, while you have a think about how much you’d like a new job. He’s the coolest cat in town. You could be that cool, if you had a new job.

You turn that head, cat. You work those glasses.

You want a new job now, don’t you? Go on, make an application. You know you want to. The cat wants you to. We have, after all, got jobs for everyone.


-You’ve got seven hours to get your application in to work with Treehouse, in Dublin- this financial startup are looking for an accounting intern to “help reverse unemployment”. Bold claims- but you want in. Especially since there’s a salary.

-Five hours for this one, fashion-lovers, Tweeters: exciting fashion startup Buy My Wardrobe are after a social media intern.

-Two days left to work for the fabulous Platter: love writing? love food? hate “sycophantic piffle”? You’ll really like this job. Get to it.


-Incredible paid networking opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, at ICElist. Want to be in with the big guys? You’ll want this internship.

-Inspiration Manager at Imperial- can you move from formal meeting with investors, to beer and pizza with students? This business development job might just be for you.

-Everybody thinks they are a little bit different. Something unusual. In which case, you probably want to look at this marketing internship, six months paid, with agency Jump! They say they like amazing. And you’re almost certainly amazing.


Right. Go. Now. We’ll wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [this is the passing of time]* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello again! Application done? Here’s everything you need for a five-minute break. Get yourself a cup of tea. And a biscuit. Go on, you deserve it. And then click here. Consider him your reward. Aren’t we lovely? Isn’t his little face just the best? If cats aren’t your thing, we’d recommend this bioluminescent dinosaur. That can live in your house. That’s cool, right? That’s so cool. What else? Have some 3D printing gone wrong,  some smart cities and a new sort of crossword that subtly teaches you code.

And one last cat.


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