Tech internships – why working in a startup is the best decision you will ever make

A shift is happening. Fuelled by the expansion of the world wide web (and, lets be honest, the Social Network) more and more young people are taking to their laptops and choosing to work for a small tech company.

This shift is still seen as risky and many people struggle to understand the benefits of working for a startup over another “safe” institution such as a bank (a bank is still safer than a startup – but only just).

Having worked with a number of startups I have created a list of 4 reasons why you should work for a startup and not a bank.

Be the wearer of many hats

Startups lack the structure and tailored personal development of larger companies, instead opting for a “one for all and all for one” motto that requires all staff members to pitch in and work on every part of the business.

Whilst this may seem daunting it is the fastest and most effective way to learn.

If you want to create a new customer acquisition strategy, or feel you could speed up the load time of a page request by 0.5 seconds then a startup culture and environment will allow, and encourage, you to do this.

When you leave university do you honestly know what you want to do? If the answer is no then a startup is a great place to be involved across multiple functions.

Show off what you have done

In a team of 5 people you are much more likely to see the fruits of your labour versus being a small cog in a big banking machine.

Your long days will be difficult but at least you can say you designed that site, implemented that payment gateway or created that social media marketing campaign.

Faster career progression

How many of your peers will be managing a budget in their graduate position? Not many, and those that do will have so many eyes watching them they won’t be able to spend it without an accountant tapping them on the shoulder.

In a startup you will get responsibility but that equates to fast career progression. As the startup grows your job title and duties will grow with it.

Partner with the right startup and you could be the CEO of a multi billion dollar company, like our inspiration Mark Zukerberg.

Have more fun

I previously worked for a big 4 accounting firm, and whilst out of office hours was great fun with a great bunch of people, during work hours (which was the majority of the day and night) the work and atmosphere didn’t suit me and I found it boring.

If I had suggested an impromptu game of table football at 3.30pm on a Friday I would have been laughed at (and asked where the table football was). At most startups I know they are flexible with what you do in the office – as long as you get your work done.

If you are going to put in long hours at work you may as well spend them having fun.

What next? 

Hopefully this has sold you on the benefits of working for a startup, and it really should have. Startup life is a great experience.

If you want to start to build your skills for working in a startup and meet others involved in tech you should come to the next London Launch48 Weekend in October. For more information go to

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