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Do you work in the tech industry?

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If so we need your help. As we all know, the tech and digital industry in the UK is growing exponentially and as a result the war for talent has intensified.

There isn’t however any comprehensive data on the industry norms in terms of salary levels – a vital piece of information which helps entrepreneurs and startups ensure they are able to benchmark themselves and stay competitive.

Finding and doing what you love

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This article is written by Peter Hawke, Programme Leader at Redesign Your Life who has been running his own public and in-company personal development and coaching programmes for 12 years, helping people make big and small changes to their personal and business lives.

Life’s too short to spend it doing what you don’t love. We probably all agree on that, yet over 80% of those in work are doing jobs they don’t enjoy1 .

How tech internships became the rage of the new millennium

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From Bebo to Facebook, Blockbusters to Netflix, technology has made monumental leaps over the past decade. People now have more opportunities to connect than ever before.

Gone are the days of picking up the house phone or calling a cab; things of the past are gradually being replaced with the likes of Whatsapp and the city-dominating UBER app. Leaving the house seems like a chore when you can order the week’s groceries off Amazon.

Welcome to the digital age.

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We’re in a golden age

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I’m sure everyone has heard someone refer to a previous period in time as: “the golden age of something”.

These were the times people looked back on with rose tinted glasses as the “good old days”, a period where anything was possible, a period when cautious writers would swear it was all too good to be true.