11 Davos Delegates Under 30 That You Should Stalk On Twitter

If you’re hot for Davos 2014, or if you have literally no idea what Davos is but you like finding out interesting things from interesting people on social media, these are the folks for you.

In super-short, Davos is the annual conference of the World Economic Forum. The point is to chat about the state of the economy, the environment, the human condition, and other mind-bending stuff, and we’re proud that our CEO Rajeeb Dey is one of only 39 people under 30 years of age to be counted among the delegates this year. Here’s a list of 11 of them – entrepreneurs, technology fanatics, policymakers and general savers-of-the-world. Go forth and stalk; we’ll cross the ASBO bridge when we come to it.

Big thanks to Oli Barrett for the list. (You should follow him too. He’s ace).




Bousso Drame

@BoussoDrame WEF Global Shaper, Vice-Curator, Dakar Hub. Senegalese afro-optimistic. Passionate about life and Africa. Committed to making a difference through inclusive policy-making


Reem Mouazzen

@ReemMouazzen – WEF (World Economic Forum) Global Shaper and media tech hotbod


Apurv Mishra

@apurvmishra – HCI Inventor, TED fellow, policy shaper and entrepreneur 


Pavel Koktyshev

@PavelKoktyshev – Director of the first free-market think tank in Kazakhstan; Institute for Development and Economic Affairs 


Raffi Mardirosian

@raffimar – WEF Global Shaper, explorer, technologist, policy wonk


Caroline Ghosn

@carolineghosn – WEF Global Shaper, cares about enabling the ascent of our generation’s conscious leaders, no matter how they look 


Arundhuti Gupta

@arundhutigupta – Founder Mentor Together, because young people should never feel alone. Curator for WEF Global Shapers


Amir Shihadeh

@AmirShihadeh – Founder and Director, YARA. Chief Operating Officer, Mlabbas. WEF Global Shaper and Vice-Curator, Amman Hub. Interests: helping humanity and creating awareness throughout society. Passionate about enhancing the world


Kevin Mahaffey

@dropalltables – Entrepreneur, Hacker, Snowboarder, Photographer. Founder and CTO of Lookout.com


Rajeeb Dey

@rajdey –  WEF Young Global Leader, CEO of Enternships, Co-Founder of Startup Britain, Founder of Student Voice UK, Trustee of UnLtd, entrepreneur and all-round good guy


Bonolo Ramokhele

@usomashishini – Leofortis Group Director, WEF Global Shaper, entrepreneur, ABASA Education Committee, lecturer


Happy stalking! You can head over here for more information about all things Davos.

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