There are 744 magicians on LinkedIn (and other things you didn’t know)

You’re probably already well aware by now that if you’re trying to score an excellent job (especially in one of the bigger cities like that there Lundun) you absolutely must get yourself set up with a LinkedIn account. A great way of building a visible work network, of taking a cheeky look at prospective employers, and of building yourself an online CV.

Growing to 15 million members in the last 4 years, LinkedIn has become THE social network for ambitious job-seekers, industry experts and anyone looking to keep an eye on opportunities near them. But did you know there’s also five mermaids on there?

Read it and learn and weep. But mostly learn. No-one’s afraid of mermaids, right?

Did you know we also post all of our opportunities on our LinkedIn page? Get involved now, and let’s get your next moving going.


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Natasha Hodgson is the Content and Community Manager over at Enternships. She loves writing about inspiring things, and Nicolas Cage. Luckily, those two things are not mutually exclusive.

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