8 pieces of advice you need to hear (from people who know what they’re talking about)

On this thing called The Internet it’s difficult to move for inspirational quotes here and personal mantras there. Now, we’re not saying that Gandhi doesn’t have a lot to offer (peace bro, seriously), but – maybe it’s just us – we prefer to get our practical advice from people succeeding in the here and now. People who, you know, are still alive.


That way, if it turns out to be nonsense, at least we can let them know.


We decided to ask some of the brightest young entrepreneurs in the UK just what business advice really changed their point of view – what hard and fast rules they really live by. And we did it on camera, so that there was no getting out of it.


Smart, eh?


Take a look at the tricks of the trade from those blazing a trail in their industries – 8 pieces of stellar advice that helped them on the road to success.


Massive thanks to the teams at Data Sift, Triptease, Level 39, Taskhub, Rewind FX, Web Media 360, Forward Labs and Maker’s Academy for the picking of their brains.


And kudos to our Main Romanian ManĀ Vlad Borlea for the splendid video production.




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