An Interview With Delphine, Who Loves To Code So Much She Can’t Explain It

The thing is, right, not everyone who likes tech is going to be a CEO. Not everyone who codes is going to invent a new iOS, or Candy Crush. But every single lady involved in tech is making a difference- to the way tech is perceived, and the way the industry is structured so today, we’re talking to brilliant Delphine, who is studying web design. Think you might, one day, like to study web design? You’re going to love Delphine, and Delphine loves coding.


“I don’t know how to explain this,” said Delphine’s first email to me, “but I just love coding, I love it, I love it, I love it.”  How could anyone resist an opener like that? So we got in touch, and asked her some more things.

Unlike much of the UK, Delphine, who is from France, got to learn coding in high school. (Jealous much? Us? Never…well, a bit.)

“It was just part of one of my classes. Tech is not in our general program at all, and none of our teachers are prepared to inform us about tech and the need to learn it, but I actually did a BTEC in Communication and Human Resources, and in this diploma (equivalent to your A Level) were some Tech and IT courses. None of my friends who were doing Maths, Literature or Economics diploma learned coding or anything related to tech- but I learnt HTML, SQL and Javascript. Still, I only learned the structure. Once high school finished, I literally put everything beyond me. And I went off to Uni to study History of Arts.”

She’d just, she explains, never “felt very comfortable with coding. I had mixed feelings- I liked it, but I found myself too slow. I wasn’t really very good at Maths, and I always felt because of that, I would never be able to do anything regarding Tech. I think it’s also because it’s rooted in our tradition that Maths and Tech are for men and women are Literate.”

It’s a jump lots of us are horribly familiar with- we don’t feel like we’re good at something, and we feel pushed out, and once there’s nobody making us do it, we stop. But Delphine wasn’t done with coding yet.

“I actually felt like coding again a year and an half ago, but only when I started to think about creating my own website. So I started to read everything about coding, web design, graphic design, front-end developer, back-end developer etc. I really wanted to make sure that it was something I’d love, to make sure I wouldn’t be disappointed once I started.”

“After all my reading, I began to look for a school where I could learn. And finally, five weeks ago I started a web design course. And I love it!”

Delphine’s enthusiasm is definitely catching- while we talk, I’m clicking through the first levels of Code Academy, wondering about starting to learn myself. What’s her class like?, I ask.

“In my class we’re only two girls, and eight boys. The teacher is a man as well. It can be sometimes a bit challenging to follow the boys- it can seem that they get how it works really quickly, and then they get bored, and try to move ahead. Especially when I first started, I felt like everyone knew everything already!

“However after five weeks, and my Level One almost done, I do feel comfortable. I know what I’m able to do, and it’s definitely what I want to do. I start my Level Two in September, and hope that with my qualification I’ll be able to work as a web graphic designer. I want to keep studying, too- I want to learn how to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi!”

“I’m like the boys now- I want to know more and more. I keep asking questions to my teacher, I’ll try new things on my computer back home. I look at every website’s source code. I eat, sleep and dream coding!”

Inspired? Us too. Book yourself in for a session here, or start playing over here. Thanks, Delphine! You’re great! Stay in touch!

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