Because Balls Are Important

Around the world, millions of men are crying. You can stop that. With money.

A few of us at Enternships HQ have been making damn fools of our faces in return for generous donations to men’s health charities, particularly regarding testicular and prostate cancer. Our story is one of bravery, disappointment, betrayal and sacrifice – but with your help, we can also make it one of Amazeballs Success.

At the end of October, someone joked that I should do Movember (which involves being clean shaven on the first day of November and growing only a moustache for the whole month). This was a joke simply because I’ve worn a beard in various forms for the last eight years. Hilarious.

Will Bentinck, enjoying his beard

Me, enjoying having a beard

Regardless of the hilarity, I had previously wanted to have a go at Movember and now seemed as a good time as any; as Enternships could do it as a team and so I wouldn’t be alone in my mustachioed misery. Committed, I shed my whiskers and was bare faced for the first time in eight years, ready for the first day of the month.

Only two of the boys had joined me: David and Patrick

David, Will & Patrick: Three Unwise Men

These wonderful, supportive chaps had agreed to grow a lip slug and look like an utter plonker for a whole month, with me. I felt such camaraderie. We were united. We were fired up and ready to go. We were going to fight the urge to keep fashionable stubble, fight the desire to wear a full beard – we were going to help people, with our faces!

After ten days, Patrick admitted to cheating (trimming) and subsequently dropped out, having raised no money. Camaraderie took a kicking. David and I were still in it though; together, MoBros, the responsibility rested on our shoulders alone.

I hate it. I hate not having a beard and I’ve spent nearly a whole month not having a beard and I hate it. Then I remember that having Bollocks Cancer is A Big Thing and I plough on through.   Well, I shave.

Now you can help fight the Ball Ache with us! You too can help men keep their precious bits. You can help stop the Bollocks Cancer from changing lives and making men weep.

Save the Balls: Donate!


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