Is this video the best piece of content marketing of 2013?

With more and more people jostling for attention on this hefty hill we call the internet, publicists and marketeers are having to get cleverer and cleverer with their marketing techniques. Bit of telekinesis, anyone?

Why is Content Marketing important?


For anyone looking for ins with PR, Marketing, Writing, Content creation, it’s well worth drawing a bit of inspiration from genius campaigns such as this one. It’s an absolutely text-book example of the power and impact of a brilliant content marketing campaign. Study up, guys. This is important.


Posing as an innocent, (horrible) and brilliant Youtube prank, the following video is in fact a marketing campaign for the upcoming Carrie remake. Go forth and watch:



Engaging with real human emotion, funny, dark, shareable and (kinda) relating to the product at hand – it’s this kind of campaign that is pushing out traditional online advertising such as banner ads and other nonsense you can block with a click of a button.


It takes a lot more effort to pull off this kind of stunt, but boy howdy, is it worthwhile. You can’t argue with 2 million hits and counting.




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5 thoughts on “Is this video the best piece of content marketing of 2013?”

  1. NatashaHodgson cleolinda
    And now consider witnessing this in RL if you are a survivor of terrorism/ street violence. NOT CUTE.

  2. ladonnapietra enternships They put more thought and care into that bit than the entire staff of that atrocious Bieber season of Punk’d.

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