Campus Party: Top 10 Unmissable Events From Robots to DJs

Never done this before? Don’t know where to start? Confused by Campus Party’s website? Well, as ever, Enternships has got your back, and we’re here to hold your hand and guide you through the tempestuous seas of literally everything brilliant in the tech world. Whether you’re in the mood to make something, see something or just be thoroughly inspired, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites…


What: How CyberCrime Evolved: From Back Bedroom Hackers To State Sponsored Espionage
Who: Graham Cluley 
Where: Archimedes
When: 14:00-15:00
Everyone loves a good detective story, and this time, it’s topical- Graham Cluley, master of viruses, talks us through every sort of cybercrime and where those cybercriminals are headed. Kick Campus Party off right, with an unsettling look at the dark side of the internet…

What: Is It Possible To Photograph The Universe In A Nutshell?
Who: Fabian Oefner
Where: Michelangelo 
When: 17:00-18:00
Fabian Oefner made that picture (right) with some paint, a drill and centrifugal force. And these ones with some lights. Yeah. You want to hear him talk, right? And in case you can’t wait, here’s a sneak preview in the form of his TEDx talk– mixing science, art and the whole of the universe. Anyway, that’s why you should go to this one. 

What: If People Can’t Get To The Web…
Who: Chris Heilman
Where: Archimedes  
When: 21:00-22:00
…the web must come to people. Chris Heilman of Mozilla asks the questions that need to be asked, and, maybe, answers them. See this talk, and learn how we can keep the internet free, democratic, and open for all. A serious thought to end the day on, but one that (we hope) is going to be pretty worthwhile. 


What: Emotional Machines: Breathing Life Into Robots
Who: Will Jackson
Where: Workshop 2  
When: 20:00-22:00
Make RoboThespian thesp! What’s a RoboThespian? It’s one of these, a robot used by NASA and built in Cornwall. Want to be like NASA? In this interactive workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to use their Cloud-based app, and teach this Thesp to speak. Incredibly cool. 

Campus Party Bitcoin

What: Bitcoin: Coding The Future Of Money
Who: Luis Ivan Cuende
Where: Archimedes  
When: 17:00-18:00
This chap is seventeen years old, and speaking at Campus Party, because he built his own operating system. Smart man, that. You want to hear him talk about how you can be as brilliant- and about the future of literal actual money. Yes, you do. 


What: Create The Impossible
Who: Assier Arranz and Javier Martin
Where: Archimedes  
When: 17:00-18:00
You want to know how to create the impossible. Obviously you do. That’s basically magic, only…science. Arranz and Martin, two recognised experts in their fields, will talk us through how things once thought impossible are now slowly coming into reality- and, perhaps, hint at what’s to come. Unmissable. 

What: GeekGirl
Who: Robyn Exton, Magdalena Kron
Where: Hypatia  
When: 21:00-22:00
 Geek Girl MeetUp Girls Robyn Exton (who you may remember from Wayra-accelerated dating app Dattch?) and founder Magdalena Kron talk about how no women are talking about tech (even here at Campus Party, the numbers are low…), and highlight some of the best that are. This is a cause pretty close to our hearts, as regular readers will know, and we think it’s one that you’ll like too. 


What: Kinect Hacks
Who: Vangos Pterneas
Where: Workshop 2  
When: 14:00-16:00
You know how, when you were eight, the boy across the road had a lightsaber, and you really wanted one, and you weren’t allowed one because your mum said you might Put Someone’s Eye Out, and the bitterness remained with you forever? Just me? Oh. Anyway, with this fantastic interactive workshop, you’ll be shown how to build your own Augmented Reality Star Wars battle game, where you can “fight your friends with a virtual lightsaber”.  And because it’s a virtual lightsaber, there’s literally no chance of putting someone’s eye out. Take that, Mum, I’m off to Campus Party. 

See, Mum, Yoda never put anyone's eye out.


What: Free The DJ! Mixing Music With Open Source Software
Who: Daniel James
Where: Michelangelo
When: 14:00-15:00
Star Wars not your thing? We suggest you get yourself down to this brilliant talk on open source software and how it’s impacting the music industry- in particular, the DJ industry. Expect to get involved. 

What: How To Optimise Your Code: Opportunities And Examples
Who: Jon “maddog” Hall 
Where: Archimedes 
When: 16:00-17:00
Jon “maddog” Hall, executive director of Linux, comes to Campus Party to tell you why he’s making code both smaller and faster, like a dachshund on rollerskates. He’s also going to talk about “a lifetime of optimisation issues”, but it’s harder to make a dog-themed joke about that. Incidentally, he is called “maddog” because he used to have a bad temper. Enternships, doing your stupid Googling for you since 2009. 

Go forth and geek, dear readers. Go forth and geek, just like this cat. It wouldn’t be an Ella Risbridger post without an opportune and almost totally irrelevant cat GIF, after all. 

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