Enternships Changed My Life: a Tale of Victory

The best thing – hands down – about working at Enternships is hearing inspiring tales from our candidates. It seems that so many students and graduates leave university unsure of what their next step should be, unaware of the IMMENSE possibilities ahead of them – and that’s where we come in. Elitsa was one such ambitious dreamer, lost until she stumbled across a certain website (too dramatic? Don’t blame us, we love us a good story)…  


It might sound mad, but in one short year I turned from a miserably unemployed fresh graduate into a chirping founder apprentice at an exotic startup incubator in Bali. Today I am getting ready to dive headfirst into the London entrepreneurial scene, crossing yet another item off my bucket list. Looking back, it all seems unreal, like a sugarcoated piece of chick-lit, and indeed none of it would have happened but for a chance click on a curious website aptly titled Enternships.com. But I am getting ahead of myself…

12 months ago:  Commencement day. Proudly sporting a GPA of 3.96, a recent admit at a top 10 global business program and a high-profile internship in Washington DC, I am looking into a great professional future. So everybody told me. And everybody must be right. Right?

9 months ago: Wrong. 3 months into a frantic post-college search for a job, I am nowhere near to finding one. And it’s not for lack of effort on my part. If anything, I am a veritable zealot when it comes to following the recruitment protocol. I thoroughly research each company on my radar, squandering hours on end to get the inside scoop; then I write up a deftly targeted cover letter pledging allegiance to said company’s bottom line and finally, I even subject myself to a thorough SWOT analysis carefully reflecting upon my strengths, weaknesses, leadership skills and track record of success.

The end result is:

a) a well-mannered rejection email coming two  torturous months later and ending invariably with “We wish you every success in your future endeavors”. Umm, thanks.

b) an entry-level job offer promising a trace of real responsibilities after two years of mind-numbing administrative drudgery.

No thanks.

7 months ago: I am now desperately looking for an alternative to the corporate grind. All I find, however, is a slew of freelancing offers and an interesting, if utterly useless, ad for a butterfly hunting job.

And just then I come across Enternships.com, a web service which connects recent graduates with startups. Talk about hope!

Never before had the thought crossed my mind that I, the mere rookie, could dive right into the thick of disruptive innovation and work alongside the fortunate few who are driving change. But here was Enternships and I just knew: it was time to abandon the logo “Find a cubicle job or die trying” that so many of my peers had adopted.

6 months and 29 days ago: I devour the resource section on Enternships.com learning the ins and outs of finding a startup job. I completely change my strategy employing the street smarts that the lovely people at Enternships dole out so generously. A few days later, I am well on my way to landing an apprenticeship at a startup incubator in Bali.

4 months ago: I am in Bali working on a medley of awesome projects across 6 tech startups. With wi-fi everywhere, you can usually find me on the terrace overlooking rice paddies in one of the 4 luxurious villas that my company Contenga International has rented out for its motley crew of 20 plus entrepreneurs. I am on top of the world dabbling in finance, marketing, sales and what not, really!

2 months ago: It’s time to leave the magical island of Bali and move on. This time around I don’t even sniff the corporate job boards; I go straight to Enternships.com and presto! – a week or so later, I am interviewing with various startups in London. My choice finally falls on a client manager position at GrantTree, a company which helps hi-tech companies stretch their finances with R&D tax credits and smart government grants.

Today: All locked and loaded, I am packing up and getting ready for my next entrepreneurial adventure in London. Before I go, do allow me some sentimentality as I shout out as loud a big THANK YOU, ENTERNSHIPS!


By Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

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Natasha Hodgson is the Content and Community Manager over at Enternships. She loves writing about inspiring things, and Nicolas Cage. Luckily, those two things are not mutually exclusive.

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