Enternships is now free + Exciting news about our new venture Learnerbly

To celebrate the launch of our new venture Learnerbly, we’ve made it free to post roles to Enternships as our gift to the community. So far, we’ve helped more than 7,000 companies recruit great entry-level talent through Enternships, and we hope to help many more.

Learnerbly helps unleash brilliance at work

Inspired by our work in helping recruit talent, we’ve turned our attention to helping your employees be their best selves at work. Read about us on TechCrunch, and how we’re creating a modern development management system.

Learnerbly manages all the professional development needs of your employees, providing employers with an overview of the learning needs of their team, inspiring them with curated learning opportunities and capturing feedback and analytics to measure the commercial impact of all Learning and Development activities. Learn more or request a demo.

Our experts share their stories and learning playlists

We’ve interviews dozens of experts, such as Eric Schmidt, Chief Exec. of Alphabet, Stephan Thoma, former Global head of L&D at Google, and Sue Siddall (above), Partner and Executive Managing Director at IDEO Europe, to capture their learning playlists and find out what they’ve discovered about leadership.

New features coming soon

  • A new dashboard will provide individual, team and company wide views of the positive impact learning is having on your business.
  • Personal development plans will effectively connect L&D to business strategy.
  • Learning playlists curated by more than 100 experts.

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