How to write a CV: create a brilliant online CV in a day with General Assembly

You probably heard it before. The way in which employers hire you has changed. A lot. Not only what they look at on your CV but how they do it as well. So how are you going to make sure they like what they see?

If you were lucky enough to grab their attention with your cover letter or introductory email, there’s no time to get too comfortable just yet. The ultimate test is yet to come. And I’m not talking about the job interview.

The next step for employers after they had a look (a very short look) at your CV is to scan your online identity. That’s right folks. They’ll go straight to Google Search, type in your name and eagerly wait for the next big thing to happen. Whether that’s going to get you in their office next day or in their black books, it’s up to you.

So how do you make sure Google returns only nice links on your name? Well, there is a lot you can do to optimize your Facebook profile for employers, have a good Twitter profile or keep an active blog. But that’s a different story.

What I’m talking about here is taking your personal brand to a whole new level. Having a good online reputation is essential but there are a few things you can do to go big and stand out.

One of them is building your very own website. Yes, I know. It’s no easy task. But not as hard as you think either. With very little programming knowledge you can learn how to do it in less than a day.

This weekend I attended a crash course in HTML, CSS and JavaScript at General and I couldn’t leave my computer ever since. The team put aside a few hours this Saturday to teach us non-programmers the basics of front end development with the help of Devin Hunt who designed (cheers Devin!)

Here’s a little snippet of what I ended up with after less than 3 hours of work:

My very first online CV1

The vibe was very friendly, the teachers even more so and tell no one but we got a delicious lunch too!

So if you’re just like me and would like to learn how to get started on building your own portfolio then their courses are just the thing you need. From design to hardcore programming, there’s plenty to choose from in order to squeeze that extra skill in.

If you want to get really serious about this and you’re up for learning some back-end web dev we teamed up with General to bring you an intensive 10week course in Ruby on Rails – the programming language cool companies like Airbnb and Twitter use to build their websites. And because we know money is low when you’re young you get a special scholarship with a 50% discount! More details here.

Once you got the basics right there’s always room for improvement. And we put together a nice little list of resources to spruce you up in the world of software engineering.

Geek up and good luck!

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