Thinking the unthought: How Powa Technologies is promoting innovative youngsters in tech

A month ago, the UK-based tech company Powa managed to raise an unprecedented $76 million in investment from a single American financier. Now they’re on the look-out for the brightest and very best of young British digital talent to join them in their upward trajectory. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

With the technology sector growing at a whopping seven times faster than the rest of the economy, it’s no surprise that Powa – the brainchild of multi award-winning entrepreneur Dan Wagner – has recently announced that it’s creating 450 new jobs, across all levels of digital creativity. Exciting times ahead for those passionate about online innovation.


CEO Dan Wagner explains that he wants to hear from people who are gifted and hungry for work and that young people should be

“fearless, bold and seek out companies which inspire and excite them”.

Chief exec George Thaw is similarly keen to hire people with passion and drive, offering the following advice for youngsters seeking to impress: “Know about our business, have a strong work ethic and don’t be afraid to question or comment on a business’s approach to market”.

Above all, Powa Technologies is a company that is eager to reward bravery and innovation. With the mobile commerce sector going through a huge period of growth as consumers radically change the way they engage with retailers, Wagner and Thaw are seeking fresh talent and fresh ideas – in Thaw’s opinion, the definition of an entrepreneur is someone with “an ability to think the unthought and then build the unbuilt without losing faith in their vision”.


But if that’s not enough to give young graduates the push to approach Powa about filling one of those 450 vacancies, Richard Webster – Powa’s Business Development Director – has some words of encouragement: “Having just come out of the military, I struggled to secure a career for me and my family. I was so inspired and excited by Dan (Wagner) after seeing him on television that I decided to call him up and tell him I would like to work for him. Dan offered to see me after witnessing my dedication and potential and offered me a job opportunity”. Webster adds, echoing the words of his colleagues, “Young people should not be afraid to approach leaders and businesses that excite them.”

With companies like Powa around, it seems there’s never been a better time to be young and unemployed. Interested in the future of tech? Take a look at the careers available now.

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