Getting an internship in January 2014 – top advice from around the web

OK, so you’re ready to do this thing? Great. We’re on-hand to do what we do – mainly wave a big flag and shout encouraging noises at you, whilst occasionally feeding you pump-up sandwiches. Look, we’re going to help. That’s the point.

We spend a lot of time trawling through websites built to explain how to get the most out of your job search. And along the way, we’ve come across some articles, tips and advice that we think will genuinely make your life better. So why in blazes should we keep the good stuff to ourselves?

You’re right. We shouldn’t. We’re sorry.

Presenting, the best advice for job-seekers, to kick off 2014. And only SOME of it is written by us. We know. Gracious of us.


1. It’s all about demonstrating value.

This article, from Cracked, not only contains just a glorious amount of unneccessary swears, but is probably the greatest kick-up-the-arse article we’ve ever read. It calls out everyone who has ever thought that they deserve good things to happen to them simply because they are ostensibly a ‘nice’ person. But it’s not about that. Read on. Discover. Have that bum of yours kicked.


2. Don’t let anyone walk all over you

We enjoy most of the Corn On the Job output, it’s got MOXY, and we like that in a jobs site. But this one, just a quick one about how actually, interns deserve respect, responsibility and to get what they need out of any internship, hit home. Damn straight you deserve a great internship. Lots of stuff to remember here.


3. Make sure your CV is brilliant

Alright, FINE, we wrote this one. But it is the best How To Write Your CV article on the goddamned internet. That’s just the truth.


4. Don’t just follow ‘The Path’ you think you ought to. ‘The Path’ doesn’t exist.

This is a talk by Careers Expert Jenny Blake, that made us do a big BREATHE OUT and sit back. It’s her story of how she burnt out in her early 20s after doing everything ‘right’. It makes you see that there is no ‘one’ success story. It’s really, really good, and you need to watch it.


5. Never stop asking yourself questions

Daily Muse is a great source of inspiration, but this surprisingly nippy article ’45 pieces of career advice’ from many different experts is particularly packed with important stuff. One to favourite and come back to, whenever you’re not totally sure of your next step.


6. Get your cover letter right.

Yeah, yeah, we wrote this one too. What can we tell you? We’re good at this stuff.


7. Sort out your online profile

In this day and age, you can’t afford not to check what Google is saying about you. This no-nonsense blog from the ever-brilliant Undercover Recruiter will lead you through the steps you need to take to make sure you come out smelling like eminently employable roses.


and finally,


8. Prepare for the influencers of 2014

You can always rely on the Huffington Post for a good Who To Follow On Twitter list. Prepare thyself. These folks are your allies.


Articles that inspired you? Let us know here or via @enternships, and we’ll add them!


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