We’re in a golden age

I’m sure everyone has heard someone refer to a previous period in time as: “the golden age of something”.

These were the times people looked back on with rose tinted glasses as the “good old days”, a period where anything was possible, a period when cautious writers would swear it was all too good to be true. During these historic pockets of human ingenuity legacies were born which lasted for decades and radically transformed the landscape of progress.

For example, there was World exploration in 1492, manufacturing in the 19th century, Hollywood in the 20s, communism in the 50s, music on Saturday 16th August 1969, microprocessors in the 70s, stockbroking in the 80s and property ownership in 90s.


The last 3 and half years since 2010 there have been more technology company acquisitions, and specifically website and mobile app acquisitions than ever before. If there has been a golden age for software development, we are smack bang right in the middle of it. What’s more, the Industry, businesses and World is crying out for more people to join and help craft this legacy. In short, if you don’t know what you want to do, or if you don’t like what you’re currently doing, or if you just want to be part of the most exciting “something” on the planet at the moment then get into technology development.

I am, as you can probably tell from above, extremely excited about this new age of technology we are living in. I have a passion for technology which has led me to working for a tech start up, but like most people, I’m not a developer, I don’t know how to code, but I am dying to get more involved. For me, as I’m sure it is for many people, learning how to build apps has always seems so inaccessible. I was playing in a park when I was 7, I certainly wasn’t trying to hack the CIA! When I look at ‘Whats App’ and Facebook’ I see messages and news from my friends, not 1s, 0s, variables and functions. I don’t want to do another degree in computer science. How does one easily get into coding? Is that even possible?

Well, the answer is yes! Last week, I had the great pleasure of spending Thursday and Friday taking my first few step towards entering this exciting world of digital building. I went on probably the best coding short course in London provided courtesy of Steer. Steer is a pioneering company devoted to teaching practical web development to people like me. If you want to get into coding, start a new career, build your million dollar app idea or start up the next best biggest tech company in the world – Steer is a brilliant place to start.

My experience over the two days couldn’t have been better – I learnt some of the magic that goes into building crazy websites like this and this. I learnt how to integrate with the Twitter and Instagram APIs, how to smoothly animate parts of a web page, how to make elements move, change colour and even disappear. It’s amazing. The course is run in Clerkenwell near the heart of London’s tech city. The venue is awesome and the snacks and refreshments even better. Most importantly, the teaching is exceptional. The teachers are real developers with experience working in real start ups and building real applications. You are only taught useful stuff that will actually help you start making something. At the end of the two days I had worked on two websites and felt confident to start working on my own. When I was a kid I loved building with lego and meccano, extremely creative and instant feedback, coding is the same, it’s just a little harder to get started – Steer has helped me.

As the Product Manager at Enternships, it has always been our mission is to help people find their passion, keeping in this vein if you were somebody like me who could look but not touch at the tapestry of coding and development which gets invested into the digital world but is unsure of how to get started then have a look at Steer.

If this post has whet your appetite then you are in luck, we’re running a competition with Steer to offer one lucky Enternships subscriber a scholarship to their Front End course starting Monday September 22nd – Friday September 26th. To enter simply follow this link and fill out the form.

You can subscribe to Enternships here.

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