Havas Demo Day: 10 innovative digital startups to watch

Havas, world leaders in digital and tech innovation, are to open their doors to brilliant startups in the hope that they can provide support, partnerships and acceleration for blossoming talent. Many exciting companies applied for the chance to pitch to the Havas experts, but only a few could make the cut. So which tech startups are the ones to watch? We’re happy to reveal all…


On Thursday 18th of July The Havas Group and Enternships will meet with a wide variety of inspiring young companies, with the aim of helping them grow. Each company will have three minutes to pitch to top talent in Havas companies such as All Response Media, Havas Worldwide, Conran Design and Maitland PR – the goal is to uncover how Havas can help these startups achieve their goals, what partnerships can be formed, and exactly what kind of support these fledgling companies need to expand.

The call was put out a couple of weeks ago, with the only criteria for applying startups being that they had to be doing something exciting in the field of digital innovation. We’re very happy to be able to reveal the startups that will be making their way through the Havas halls – prepare yourself for some up and coming tech talent…

Blippar – the first image-recognition phone app aimed at bringing to life real-world newspapers, magazines, posters and more with augmented reality experiences.

Satalia – creators of SolveEngine: an intelligent optimisation engine developed to solve problems in a smarter, quicker and better way.

Nideo – a Youtube for business, a network of videos to help businesses communicate better with their customers and with each other.

DeltaX – a marketing platform that harnesses the untapped potential of customer data using Facebook and what they call “Marketing Automation 2.0”

Relative.ai – a branding company that uses advanced language techniques (developed in Iris Forensics) to provide deep analysis when it comes to branding, advertising and media.

Adoreboard – a new metric that provides realtime insight into your brand’s performance, so that you can predict, monitor and analyse how the online world feels about your brand.

SoDash – A lead-generation and brand management platform that uses an intuitive algorithm to help companies drive sales and retain customers.

PredictionIO – an open source machine learning server for software developers to create predictive features, such as personalisation, recommendation and content discovery.

Samba – a user controlled ad network for tablets and mobile devices that lets users select social video, and in return they receive mobile data to power their device.

EI Technologies – a speech recognition firm that senses emotion, enabling increased personalisation when it comes to marketing as well as healthcare solutions.

Congratulations to all the companies chosen, we’ll be following all the pitches as they happen tomorrow – to get involved, follow @enternships on Twitter and check out the hashtag #HavasDD.


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