How tech internships became the rage of the new millennium

From Bebo to Facebook, Blockbusters to Netflix, technology has made monumental leaps over the past decade. People now have more opportunities to connect than ever before.

Gone are the days of picking up the house phone or calling a cab; things of the past are gradually being replaced with the likes of Whatsapp and the city-dominating UBER app. Leaving the house seems like a chore when you can order the week’s groceries off Amazon.

Welcome to the digital age.

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But what exactly makes technology so appealing to today’s generation? What do we look for in our jobs that pull us towards tech companies? And what makes tech millennials like Tim Cook and Meg Whitman so successful?

The lifestyle that a tech internships offers has this generation of young adults seduced. According to Glassdoor, tech companies consistently hit the top rankings of best places to work.

The idea is no longer to build your life around your work, but the other way around. It’s crucial to feel that you’re making a positive change. Net Impact reports that 72% of college students now say that it’s important for them to have “a job with an impactful cause”.

72% of college students say it’s important to have “a job with an impactful cause”

The tech firms of tomorrow will attempt to build on blurring the lines between work and play.

Unlike corporate-minded firms, employees can enjoy the fun and innovation that comes with tech while being constantly challenged throughout their day: the perfect ammunition for creativity and diligence in the workplace.

Tech interns are also some of the highest paid in the business world, with Snapchat paying its interns the equivalent of approximately £7,610 a month as well as almost £1,140 for housing.

However, the generous payroll isn’t the only factor that’s captivating interns.

The 40-hour work week has endured for several decades, but many undoubtedly work longer than this. Advancements in technology, however, have given workers the opportunity to work remotely, providing greater flexibility, particularly for those with a family. Many social entrepreneurs are even looking to secure better work flexibility over pay.

This generation’s predisposition towards work culture and purpose isn’t wholly different to the past. Be that as it may, tech companies are currently in a great position to disrupt the rules of the game.

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