How to be an Entrepreneur, the Beyoncé Way: Back To Business

With today’s announcement that Beyoncé is to be the new face of the H&M summer collection, it’s safe to say that Queen Bey’s take-over of the world as we know it is fast approaching. From pop icon to business woman, from fashion mogul to working mum – it’s easy to see why she’s the pin-up girl for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

At Enternships we’re dedicated to kick-starting the career of ambitious students and graduates everywhere, and seeing as we’ve just launched a brand new site with our partners Wayra, we wanted to celebrate by giving you a taste of global success. Enter our prize draw to see Beyoncé LIVE this April, and worship the goddess of Getting Things Done.

So what knowledge can young entrepreneurs take from the pop icon? There’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from her story.

1.       Start Small, minimize your costs

Having first set up Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé was sure to keep her central team as minimal as possible. Managed not by a company or a team, but by her Dad, and asking her mum Tina to design and make all the costumes the girls wore, Miss Knowles was able to keep a strict handle on what money were going where, and what debts were owed to who.

2.       Retain creative control no matter what

The ability to grow a global brand is absolutely central to any icon’s success. By ensuring that her creative decisions stayed with her and close members of her family, (something directly linked to the first point), Beyoncé could ensure that her styling, her communications with fans and industry and the products she both created and endorsed were thoroughly under her control. The brand she build was therefore cohesive, creative and entirely directed by her own ideas – exactly what it needed to be.

3.       Don’t give all your answers away

Famously private, the air of mystery around the global sensation’s private life is one of the central reasons Beyoncé continues to be a topic of constant discussion. Even reviews of her recent documentary Life Is But A Dream are littered with the fact that her need to retain control over what was shown publicly highlights her deep desire to remain private. After all, like KFC’s secret recipe, there’s certainly no point in giving away the secrets of something so immensely popular…

  1. Stay true to your central mission

Whether she’s teamed with the rest of the Destiny’s Child crew, singing solo at the Grammy’s or launching her own range of products, Beyoncé’s message of inner strength and (particularly) of strength as a woman, is one that strikes a chord everywhere. She is now representative of far more than she actually is, she is a beacon of hope and inspiration to people everywhere. Her fans don’t look at her and see a person, they see a message – which, as strange as it sounds, is all you can hope for from great branding.

  1. Practise what you preach

Well known as one of the most hard-working people in the music industry, Beyoncé would be nothing without her constant desire to prove herself worthy of the mantras she proclaims. In her song Run The World, she states that women are the ones who are “strong enough to bear the childen, then get back to business” – a year after her child Blue Ivy was born, she’s ready to get back to performing. The name of the tour? “Back To Business”, of course.

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