How to get a job with an entrepeneur

How to get a job with an entrepreneur: we interview top startups

So how exactly does one get a job with an entrepreneur? What do they look for in their hires, what floats their boat at interview, how big a bribe are we talking – how exactly can you, mere mortal, hack the employment system?

How to get a job with an entrepreneur


Luckily, we interviewed top brains over at some of the most exciting young companies in the UK, hoping they’d spill the beans on what they look for in a prospective hire. The question is, are the answers what you expected?

Enjoy the below video, and get the inside scoop on what bright, brilliant entrepreneurs want to see in their team members.



Massive thanks to the teams over at Level 39, TripteaseCanddiMendeleyMaker’s AcademyForward Labs, and Rewind FX for their insights – and stayed tuned for more video-based goodness filled with the mind-thoughts of these intrepid folk.


Interested in these lovely companies? They are currently hiring! Click on the names above to learn more about them, and see what positions they have going – you lucky devils you.


Video produced by the brilliant Vlad Borlea, with music credit to Jacob LaValle



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