How To Successfully Implement Press Releases Into Your Marketing Strategy

In difficult economic times like these, small business marketing budgets have been steadily declining but fear not.  Just as popular now as the days full of print media, the press release is one of the quickest avenues to create a buzz in the marketing world.

These nuggets of information are like gold dust; helping businesses of all sizes to gain exposure and media attention, regardless of size. In all its glory, the press release can bring new products and services to market quickly, maintain market leadership and help business owners to deliver exciting newsworthy stories and increased sales, all for very little cost.

Plain and simple, the press release should be part of any PR marketing campaign but if you aren’t fully convinced already, read on to discover how they can help your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

*They build a brand profile
What better way to get your business into the minds of your target audience or prospective readers than by releasing a press release? They help to create marketplace excitement by keeping your name amongst your customers and consumers and build a corporate brand through innovative marketing strategies.  By arousing consumer interest and curiosity, the more your name appears, the more likely they are to remember you. Spot on, don’t you think?

 * They help to drive in more traffic to your business & provide visibility
A press release published via one of the many media outlets will no doubt have your website link provided in it.  This means that anyone viewing your press release online will click through the link or check out your website direct, hopefully leading to further interest and increased sales. If a writer, journalist or reporter views your press release, posting relevant and informative information is likely to lead to more visibility for you or your organisation.  What reason do they have now not to use you?

*They provide authority and credibility
After reading your press release, potential clients will begin to see you as an expert in your niche.  Hopefully, over time these people will keep returning to you when they need a service or product you provide. What could be better for business than implementing a simple strategy and gaining positive results? Press releases are an excellent addition to any marketing mix, not only increasing credibility but also building customer loyalty.
It’s as clear as day when it’s spelt out to you, isn’t it?  Don’t delay- organise your press release sooner rather than later for exceptional results.

*They are cost effective
Press releases are one of the most cost effect forms of advertising, especially if properly written, targeted and relevant to your niche.  In many cases, press releases can be more effective than thousands of pounds worth of advertising.  Madness eh? Not so much, thankfully.  Significantly, press releases can help extend the life of an advertising campaign, providing high degree publicity at very low cost. That’s what’s called a win, win situation for all involved! Distribution services such as Pressat can help you target specific media publications.

*They help with search engine optimisation
Not only are today’s press releases a good way to grab the media’s attention, but they can also grab the eye of the search engines as well; providing a level of visibility for your chosen keywords. What’s more, they offer great back links for your site and if done properly, your press release could soon be appearing on the news pages for all of the major search engines, giving you the most perfect level of visibility.  It means a lot to the most successful companies around and I’m certain it would mean a lot to yours too.
Of course….

Remember, adding a press release to your business marketing plan can be one of the most cost effective ways to increase exposure, enhance your image, profile and credibility, driving in more traffic and in turn increasing sales.
With this in mind, the same question arises.  Can you really afford not to take advantage of these tried and tested forms of advertising and publicity?

Thought so.

There are many people out there desperate to know what you are up to and what you are thinking.  So, why wait?  Make today the first day of a whole new and exciting chapter by releasing an interesting yet informative press release and discover the positive impact they can have on your business.


Author: Matthew Lobas, Account Manager at Pressat

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