Hunting For Tech Talent: How To Beat The Deficit

Recruiting for technical roles is no picnic, they say. There aren’t enough developers out there, they say. If only these harbingers of doom would jog on and let us get on with writing our job descriptions and let the storm blow over, right? Wrong. Why? Because it’s quicker to change a hiring approach than it is to change a deficient education system. With an endless public lament about the tech skills deficit giving rise to a nation of HR insomniacs, it’s safe to say that the traditional recruitment model is broken. But how to fix it?


Every company, big or small, is doing battle with the supply and demand issue surrounding tech talent. Good developers have an almost mythical status; ask a hiring manager if they would rather try to source a unicorn or a developer, and the brow will furrow. Overdramatic? Not really – the EU Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs predicts that there will be 900,000 unfulfilled ICT-related jobs by the year 2015. Despite the fact that the UK has 40% more digital firms than the government estimated, many of the splendid (not to mention generously remunerated) employment opportunities available with these companies go to waste. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the the country’s collective student debt squirm with anguish.

Yes, the education system still has to play catch-up to balance the scales. It’s a headache for all involved, be they corporate or startup. But it’s the small companies in particular – those lacking the budget and HR manpower to carry out a tech recruitment mission of sufficient size to attract interest – that suffer most under this skills deficit and struggle to tap into the elusive pool of coders and programmers.

That’s what makes Campus Party, the world’s largest festival of technology and digital entertainment, such a mecca for tech talent discovery: it’s an annual epicentre for over 10,000 coders, hackers, gamers, designers and general tech enthusiasts, and this September it’s coming to London for the first time ever. The “campuseros” will drink their fill of hackathons, workshops, demonstrations and presentations from tech A-listers for a whole week, 24 hours a day, at London’s O2 Arena from 2-7 September 2013.

The top bods at Campus Party have recognised the recruitment opportunity here, as this year sees a new addition to the festival called Market Place – an interactive forum for showcasing careers in tech through which all Campus Party attendees will pass. Enter Enternships: we’ve teamed up with Telefónica and will be descending on Market Place to host the inaugural Enternships Careers Fair, dedicated to connecting innovative startups and SMEs to the swathes of tech talent that will be milling around The O2 Arena. Rounding up the unicorns, so to say.

The Enternships Careers Fair is supported by Tech London Advocates, a group of senior tech industry figures that aims to support technology startups in finding new new talent, amongst other things. TLA founder Russ Shaw said:

“London has seen an explosion in tech companies over the past five years, but all this ambition needs a workforce equipped to thrive in the digital economy. The size of this workforce is currently limited by a skills gap in graduates and school-leavers, making it difficult to find the right kind of candidate and hampering attempts to move Britain forward on a digital footing. Events such as the Enternships Careers Fair are a great opportunity for companies to overcome this obstacle – at least in the short-term.”

The Enternships Careers Fair is happening from 3-6 September 2013 at The O2 Arena in London. If you’re on the hunt for tech talent and interested in joining forces with us as an exhibitor, get in touch via [email protected], by phone on +44 (0) 203 397 3216, or you can find out more about how you can get involved here.



By Corissa Nunn, European Development at Enternships


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