Why A Startup? Marketing & Social Media at VouchedFor

If you’re an ambitious, confident, and organised individual, a startup could be a fantastic environment in which to launch your graduate career. I’m thoroughly enjoying my enternship and I’m writing this blog to let everyone know why!

My role is Marketing & Social Media intern at VouchedFor – a company which lets people rate and review their financial advisor. Marketing is one of those terms which eludes definition because it’s so specific to each company – to their customers, to their business needs, and to their products. So, it’s probably useful to give an overview of what my job actually involves.

At VouchedFor, I’ve been involved in a really wide range of marketing activities:compiling a report, contacting journalists and editors, researching women’s media and magazines, planning social media posts, writing blogs, generating ideas for promotion campaigns, reading financial press, monitoring trends on Twitter,contacting bloggers, and researching all manner of seemingly random things (my favourite so far has been googling ‘blue and white candy canes’).

And I’ve only been here a few weeks!

As you can imagine, life has been pretty busy since I started at VouchedFor – but that’s all part of the thrill. I’m busy planning, thinking, and discussing all day long.There’s never a dull moment. In a startup, you immediately see the impact thateach employee has on the business and you quickly realise that you are a valued member of the team.

In my first meeting with Adam (the founder of VouchedFor), he ran through the types of projects he wanted me to work on and what responsibilities I’d have. His plan was personal to me; it focused on things I’d mentioned in the interview, such as my main strengths and experience that I wanted to gain during the enternship. He also explained the responsibilities of the other entern who is working here and how our work feeds into Adam’s plans for overall business development.

This individuality and interpersonal environment is one of the main benefits of working in a startup. You get to know everyone really well, and youalso get to know yourself better too. In addition, with fewer people, you have lots of opportunities to widely develop your skills. You’ll not only know your role inside out but you’ll also develop your commercial awareness because you’ll better understand other employees’ roles and projects. Furthermore, you get to think of your own ideas and see them come to life; our campaigns are generated and organised internally and so I’ve been able to contribute lots of ideas which have now become part of VouchedFor promotions ideas. It’s a fantastic feeling!

My concluding advice for students and graduates: definitely consider a startup. There are many benefits; I’ve outlined some above and there are plenty more if I had more room! Applying for the enternship at VouchedFor was one of the best decisions I have made – not only is it a good career choice because it’s giving me the experience that CV lacked but also because I really enjoy working here. It’s not everyday you’ll hear someone say that they like their job as much as I do – if you want a similar experience, why not try a startup too?

Roxanne Selby is an intern at VouchedFor, a highly disruptive startup in the FInancial Advice market.

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