Life of an Intern: Sales & Marketing at Unicom

Sanjay Malkani has recently found an internship as a Sales & Marketing Executive at Unicom Seminars through our website. Unicom is a company that offers seminars, workshops, conferences and accredited training.


What made you decide to do an internship?

I decided to do an internship as I wanted to gain some professional experience between my studies.

 What are the challenges you’re facing when looking for an internship? What’s the most difficult part?

The main challenge is receiving feedback from the companies you apply to. Some companies don’t reply at all. Some companies do not reply for several months which is extremely frustrating.

What do you think is the most important part in a job application? What helped you get the internship you applied for?

The most important part of job application is cover letter. A strong cover letter is likely to draw the employer’s attention to your CV, thus giving you a good opportunity to get the job.

 What are the top 3 things you’re looking for on an employer’s profile/internship listing?/Why did you choose to intern at Unicom?

Top 3 things are – interesting, informative and engaging. The job title was informative, it made the job role sound interesting and there was an easy application process.

What is your role there?

Sales Marketing Executive:

  • Locating target persons through innovative research of media, social media and other channels
  • Making phone and/or email contact and pursue for their commitment or otherwise
  • Making cold calls to sell conferences to existing and new customers
  • Creating brand awareness through planning, managing and executing our Social Media strategy through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs
  • To test, run, analyse and manage marketing and social media campaigns
  • The role also includes some copywriting (email communications, website content, etc.) and general office and admin duties
  • Identifying new business and partnership opportunities
  • Attending events building relationships with clients

What would be your best piece of advice to give other students/graduates looking for internships?

Take your time, do what I have done. Look and only apply to jobs that are of interest to you, don’t just apply to large multinational organisation because your friends are. Do something because you enjoy it and not for the sake of doing an internship.

What do you think about the work Enternships is doing in helping students finding internships?

It’s GREAT! There is no website connecting SME with graduates, especially graduates who have an enterprising background.

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