Our new favourite ad – Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

Sometimes, on our job-hunt-thing trawls across the internet, we come across something so darn great, it fills us with a deep and worrying jealous rage. This is one such time. REJOICE!

So, the clever, clever people at jobsintown.de (that’s right, it’s a German site, so the only solution is to move there immediately) brought out a wonderful print campaign to encourage more people to follow what they love.


Not only is that a damn good idea in the first place, but the accompanying visuals are just sublime. We’re tempted to nick them entirely, slap the word ‘ENTERNSHIPS’ on them and let the accolades flood in. Until the stickers arrive, however, we’re happy to reprint them here for your delectation.






Glorious. Share! Spread! Enjoy!

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