Office Ennui? This’ll Sort You Right Out.

Deadlines schmeadlines! Work schmork! Office schm… you get the picture. The point is, no matter how gummy your eyes are from the overzealous heating, and however distant the kettle might seem right now, it could be a lot worse. Like, LEECHES worse.

We present to you the Worst Jobs in the World (and History) Matrix – featuring pee, peril, poison, pain, puke and probable death in wild abundance. From treacherous to tedious, via disgusting and difficult, this baby has it all! In other words: how to rekindle your on-the-rocks romance with the photocopier that’s winking coyly at you from the corner of the room.

We happened across this little gem via Fastcodesign, who originally unearthed it at Lapham’s Quartery.


worst jobs in the world

Ready to dive into a career that doesn’t involve quagmires or copious amounts of bleeding? We can help.

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