Asian Achiever Awards 2013

Rajeeb Dey named Young Entrepreneur of the year at Asian Achievers Awards 2013

Recognising outstanding achievement within the UK Asian community, the annual Asian Achievers Awards 2013 took place on the 6th September – and we are beyond proud to announce that Enternships CEO Rajeeb Dey was honoured with the prize for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Well done Raj. Now, back to work.

Just because the rest of the Enternships team spend our Friday nights gently weeping into a Family-Size pack of cheddar, doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy that our CEO’s weekends are occasionally rather more glittery. He attended the wonderful Asian Achievers Awards, a brilliant event that showcases and highlights fantastic things done by the brightest lights in the UK Asian Community.

He was honoured with the Young Entrepreneur of the year award for his achievements in UK entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, education, the startup world and youth unemployment. Here he is, looking splendid:




Congrats to everyone honoured at the event, and to the organisers for what looks like a fantastic evening. Onwards!

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