summer internships in the uk 2014

Summer Internships in the UK 2014: the ultimate hit-list for job-seekers

It’s never too early to start scouting out great resources for summer internships in the UK for 2014, and we’ve put together all the sites you need to make sure that no matter what you’re on the hunt for, you’ll find it.

Students and graduates are starting their summer internship search earlier and earlier, with places being snapped up left right and centre. But where exactly do you go to find these great opportunities? That’s where we come in.

Obviously, we want to provide as many brilliant opportunities as we can for budding entrepreneurs and job thrill-seekers. But we’re also aware that there are some amazing resources out there, and you deserve to know about as many of them as possible. Gear up, get your bookmarking finger ready, and delve in.

Summer Internships in the UK 2014 – where you should be looking



Obviously we were never going to start with anything except the very best. Opportunities, internships and placements in the most exciting young companies in the UK and beyond (mostly London, Dublin and Munich)

Perfect For

Anyone looking for an alternative to the big graduate schemes, who is attracted to a fast-paced, entrepreneurial lifestyle. Particularly relevant for students and graduates looking for opportunities in the tech sector – in digital marketing, front/back end development and account management.

What next?

Just get to our homepage and start your search! Go go!

This is a great resource for anyone thinking of diving from education into an apprenticeship or traineeship, with over 16,000 opportunities for people looking for really vocational stepping stones.

Perfect For

Well, anyone really. The industries range from Law and Education to Media, Retail and IT – so hopefully, no matter what sector you’re interested in, they’ll be something to suit.

What next?

Take a look at the industries they serve, and see if any of the opportunities spark something in you.


City Internships

Want to go more corporate? City Internships have got it covered, with 8-week opportunities in top cities all over the world. Their internships are structured to include workshops, accommodation, social events and even a meal-plan, so there’s nothing for you to focus on except getting the most out the opportunity.

Perfect For

Adventurous types who don’t necessarily want a summer internship in the UK only.  People who are big fans of structure, and are looking to totally immerse themselves in a job for eight full weeks.

What next?

You can apply for the scheme here, good luck!



An amazing resource for anyone looking for internships in engineering industries – automotive, IT and consultancy, computer software, this site is for you.

Perfect for

Students and graduates looking for roles that are slightly more technical (it’s often hard to move for the amount of marketing, account management and admin opportunities kicking around the web), and specifically those with a passion for any and all aspects of engineering.

What next?

Take a look at the opportunities on offer here


Learn Direct Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Learn Direct is an amazing service for anyone who wants to improve their skills, or seek out a new opportunity. Their apprenticeships stretch from business admin, nursing, finance, retail, IT – they have an entire bank of help just waiting for you to tap into.

Perfect For

Anyone who wants to get no-nonsense training in a sector they are interested in, or looking to improve their skills in English, Maths, or general computing literacy.

What next?

Take a look at the kind of opportunities they offer here – there’s plenty to uncover, so take your time!


Unilever Internships

Industrial behemoth Unilever offer twelve week summer UK  internship schemes with many of their companies – but you have to be quick! Registration closes before the end of March!

Perfect for

Anyone with a taste to work with companies like Lynx, Dove, Pot Noodle, Walls, Simple, Radox, Knorr – the list of Unilever companies goes on and on. Real, solid training, with companies that your CV can shout about.

What’s Next?

Apply! But be quick!


Hopefully, this has given some excellent starting points for your adventure into nailing some summer internships in the UK for 2014. Let us know if you stumble across any other must-see sites, and we’ll add them to the list!




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