Enternships Testimonial: Enterning at One Minute London

Wondering what it’s like to be thrown into the world of a blossoming entrepreneurial business? Rajaa Jaadouni applied for a role at One Minute London through Enternships, and soon found herself in just that position… 


The day I found out about Enternships was the day I saw the advert for the sales and business development executive position at One Minute London. I was amazed to see that there was a virtual place where you can get in touch with entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to work with them on their projects and new ventures.

From the first contact and interview with One Minute London, I felt the entrepreneurial spirit and the young and creative atmosphere of the company. Entrepreneurship has always been a goal for me, and I knew then that this would be the best way to nurture this spirit and learn from a young entrepreneur and his own experience. One Minute London is a new and innovative system with a huge potential and no existing equal in present competition. Thus, this was an opportunity for me as a graduate to take part in the writing of a success story.

My job consists on various aspects of sales and business development in the company. My main duties are to contact potential clients, give them the best possible information about One Minute London, and discuss and tailor the service to their particular needs. This includes extensive research and analysis of potential clients, first contacts and eventual meetings with the managers or marketing team at the clients’ premises to discuss having them on board further.

In the office, we work closely with each others and share ideas all day long. Each person in the team can give suggestions, remarks or possible improvements, and all the suggestions are taken into account. Since the first day of working at One Minute London, Nelson, the manager, made us feel very comfortable in the working environment, suppressing any rigid hierarchical links or reporting relationships. I can speak for the rest of the sales team to say that we felt involved from day one, and we could develop rapidly the feeling that we belong to One Minute London’s family.

The manager is a young entrepreneur, who truly knows how to motivate the team when we are having a bad day, and communicates perfectly his vision and future aspirations for One Minute London. I’m excited about my future here, and thoroughly encourage any aspiring entrepreneurs to get experience in an exciting start-up!

Rajaa Jaadouni 

Sales and Business Development Executive, One Minute London

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