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How I got a job in a startup that helps build other startups

It was the Easter holidays and my interview was so close… I had already done my research, read a lot of articles full of advices on how to succeed in an interview, created a list of my strengths and skills and came up with the questions I was going to ask.
I was prepared, but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing. So I then started thinking about how to make my potential employer remember me.

As my interview was on the day after the Easter holidays, the idea came immediately. I decided to bring Kinder Surprise eggs for everyone at the office. I don’t know why I didn’t come up with a creative idea for my previous interviews; I guess my wish to get hired by Leto was much stronger than for other companies. I found it interesting that being a startup itself, this digital agency also helped young entrepreneurs to build their own startups. Apart from that, Leto also helps large companies to develop their existing products or services further, creating innovative mobile or web apps.Once I had a look at Leto’s team page I knew: I want to work with these people.

The idea with eggs was crazy and I wasn’t sure whether it was going to work for me or against me. I took a deep breath and decided to give it a try. Now, when I became an intern at Leto, I would like to share with you my top 5 interview tips.

Applying for a job

Tip 1 – Know what you want

No one said finding your dream job is easy. It could take you years to find a job you’ll be satisfied with if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for.You have to be sure you’ve applied for a vacancy you really want. It is known that employers expect you to show your passion for work. I used to wonder, what is this mysterious passion? Now I know, imagine you are applying for a job you don’t really want. In this case your passion will be below the sea level and the employer will notice it, believe me.

Preparing for an interview

Tip 2 – Stand out from the crowd (being 2 hours late is not an option)

You’ve already got your invitation for an interview. It means your CV is worth being short-listed.Now you should think of how you can make the employer remember you. It’s only a matter of your imagination (and upcoming event/holiday).

Tip 3 – Don’t be afraid to be yourself

The interview is like a date. You want to look better in the employer’s eyes, but you have to understand it’s work that comes after the interview. You won’t be able to pretend all the time and I’m sure you don’t want to either. Employers know what kind of person they want to see in their company. If you want to get hired because of who you really are, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Tip 4 – Believe in yourself

No doubts, it is cool having someone to support you: your parents, your friends, your hamster…However, there always are some pessimists that keep telling you “It is too hard…”, “You can’t do it…” You are the only person who is able to turn your belief into your strength. So believe in yourself.

After the interview

Tip 5 – Feel like you want it

The interview is not only about you getting hired. It is also about the company. When the interview is over and all nerves are left behind, you should think about whether you really want to work for this company. You’ve seen the office, the team, the environment. Imagine you are hired: if you are excited to bring your ideas, passion and enthusiasm to this company ­it’s yours.

Lean on your wishes, think out of the box and be prepared. However, don’t be too self-critical. Getting ready for an interview will get you closer to being hired, while working for the right company can make you become a perfect employee. Don’t be afraid to fail. You’ll know nothing if you are stuck to a fear of failure. Just do it if you feel right.

“Think like a customer” is startups motto. Why wouldn’t you think like a startup?

Maria Morgunova is Marketing and Admin intern at Leto and is in charge of promoting Leto via social media and blog, developing new business relationships and general accounting and administrative duties.

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