Virgin’s Sexy New Video: A Lesson In Communication Innovation

Virgin America’s new in-flight safety video is taking the internet by storm. What happens when you take a notion as old as time – chic air hostesses – and mix it up with the robot dance, a kid rapper and a tasty R’n’B-licious groove? Perked-up ears in place of snoring, that’s what.


It’s about time SOMETHING happened to make us sit the hell up and pay attention during the delivery of in-flight safety information, which has the power to literally prevent death. This safety video is a lesson about the need to innovate if you want to get your message across in a situation that people have become all too accustomed too. In one fell swoop, Virgin have:


1) revitalised an old tradition by breathing new life into a tired communications format;

2) put fresh wind in the sails of their brand image;

3) created highly shareable content that has value out of context, as well as in-loco;

4) potentially saved lives by getting people to pay attention to safety instructions.






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By Corissa Nunn, European Development at Enternships

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