Wayra Enternships launches, promising 130 paid internships for talented graduates

It’s time for UK businesses to start providing the experience they demand, and we’re proud to help them do it.

What do you need to get a job? Experience. What do you need to get experience? A job. We watch students and graduates go through the same cycle of rejection over and over again, and frankly, we’re sick to the teeth of it. We’re excessively proud to announce a new partnership that won’t take ‘come back when you’ve had a job’ for an answer…

Wayra, O2’s startup accelerator platform, houses the best and brightest young companies the London tech startup scene has to offer. Spotted for their innovation, given training, funding and a place for their ideas to stretch, they are the tech powerhouses of tomorrow, stuffed to the brim with potential. But in order to grow, they need access to minds as brilliant as theirs. They don’t necessarily need a full-time member of staff, and don’t necessarily want someone who’s seen it all before – they want a bright young mind, someone willing to learn and grow, willing to jump into the glorious chaos that is running a digital start-up. And that’s where we come in.

The new Wayra Enternships platform teams up the brilliant Wayra start-ups with Enternships’ pool of graduate talent, providing 130 brand new paid internships for those interested in digital innovation. No matter what your skill, from design to marketing, from analytics to project management, there will be a paid opportunity to suit you and your talents.

Simon Devonshire – Director Of Wayra Europe – said:

“We are witnessing the birth of a new economy – the digital economy – which I believe is more significant than the birth of the industrial revolution. The partnership with Wayra and Enternships provides students with a real opportunity to get personally involved in this revolution and gain invaluable experience in working with the pioneers of this new age.”

Enternships CEO Rajeeb Dey added:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Wayra. Giving young people the opportunity to spend time in an entrepreneurial environment provides them with different experience than they would get in a corporate setting.

By creating a portal that encourages young companies to connect with the great pool of untapped graduate talent, Wayra can make sure that their companies have access to exactly the talent they need and deserve. These companies can offer their interns everything they need to kick-start a blazing career and together we can inspire more young people to look at entrepreneurship and working in startups as viable and rewarding career paths.”

According to a recent report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, the most popular method of recruitment is now word of mouth, with nearly 30% of all hires done on a ‘who you know’ basis. With young businesses struggling to stay afloat in an increasingly difficult financial present, there’s certainly no surprise that small companies are unwilling to take a chance on a young unknown. But in order for the youth of today to stand a chance of creating bright futures for themselves, this has to change.

It’s our deep hope that the Wayra Enternships scheme will encourage other small businesses to take a chance on the blazing talent our youth can provide – and we are very proud to lead the way. Find out more by taking a look at the official website, sign up today and let’s get fantastic start-up talent connected with brilliant entrepreneurial youth.

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